Critical Thinking and Intellectual Standards

I suggest sex in your leisure time you perform the following experiment with your students individually or collectively ask them what intellectual standards they use to determine whether to accept a belief or to reject it and you will find here's my prediction that they have no idea whatsoever of using any standard why don't you pay attention to them the judgments they make their standards will here the egocentric socio centric or dogmatically arbitrary dogmatic absolutism and subjective row – visible' relative because the students have no standards if they have no standards because their teachers are not teaching them any standards for us I would expect the students who went to a class in mind we thought they would say clarity accuracy precision relevance then logic significant depth you know not what do you mean by that and I would also expect that they could explain what the standard means and why it's important and they will do this if we have them assess each other's work using these standards and we model it for them so that they give feedback and say it wasn't clear what the point was which was the third paragraph could you elaborate further on that point or I think we need more precision analytic consider could you give more details or or I understand what you're saying but I don't see its relevance to the question at issue I don't see how it connects to the problem we're discussing perhaps I'm missing something maybe it's relevant and some way I didn't notice or have you considered looking at this from another point of view have you noticed the point of view that you are using so if we use intellectual standards and keep them visible in the classroom and print them up and articulate them it won't take long before science will start using them and the quality of their workflow will improve if one has no idea what clarity is or how to achieve it you can strive for if one doesn't know what relevance is many students think that when you use word relevant to mean connected to their life as against bearing on the question under discussion so intellectual standards are are very important and I find the students are able my students are able to use the standards with some degree of effectiveness and in any case you're much better off with standard sending the content and so I think each of us should look at our design for instruction and bring intellectual standards into the then by the way we can connect our grading to those standards right now most of those things that grades are subjective you get a good grade if the teacher likes you you know sometimes they do not see us as sharing the intellectual standards that are ancient and are not arbitrary I imagine someone said well my students are fairly good thinkers The Omen problem is that when they think their thinking is unclear inaccurate imprecise irrelevant this is official narrow-minded illogical trivial so the intellectual standards speak for themselves

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  1. Practically applied critical thinking, in my opinion, shows, that there are possible situations when pursuit of knowledge can be counterproductive. I guess, we just have to assume that it is unlikely and try to understand whats going in contexts of our own personal lives.  In other words, ignorance can be a bliss in certain contexts, but we should not rely on that.

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