Critical Thinking #9: Ad Hominem Fallacy

35 thoughts on “Critical Thinking #9: Ad Hominem Fallacy”

  1. Extremely well done video.

    It’s obvious that David is Left leaning with his own cognitive biases (Criticism of Jake shows your bias, but Tucker Carlson is a perfect example of someone using Ad Hom fallacy, etc) yet it doesn’t mean his analysis is incorrect.

    I admit, it’s hard to put away one’s cognitive biases. I wonder if David can? 🤔

  2. Would this apply to people doing things too? For example, when I play pool with my mates, someone will say I'm s**t before I've even taken the shot

  3. A great majority of the time, in order to resolve ad hominems, I turn to the age old tactic of raising my voice and brandishing fist.

  4. This miniseries isn't getting the attention it deserves. This information is invaluable. Great job David.

  5. So i'm getting to finish watching the critical thinking videos. then i'm gonna star to write up examples. I would like to know if any subscribers would like to weigh in ? share their own examples so we can discuss and learn. open to thoughts and suggestions.

  6. Important to note that insults are not ad hominem fallacies unless they're used in place of an actual argument. I often see discussions being derailed by people getting hung up over insults which they could just ignore or tackle alongside a counter-argument (or even just supply a counter-insult with your counter-argument).

  7. People often get Ad hominem confused with insult. It's only ad hominem if its used to counter an argument
    "John is wrong because he assumed all white people are christian, like a fucking idiot" <<<—- is not ad hominem. it's a valid argument followed by an insult.

  8. Dave, Love this series on critical thinking. I sometimes have trouble identifying the fallacies fast enough to respond but these videos help hone that skill.

  9. There is another fallacy – assuming that just because someone used an ad hominem that they are automatically wrong.

  10. David…what's the matter with you? If you rule out the ad hominem, there go ninety-five percent of all internet debates!

  11. I do not see how that is ad hominem. The comment "you are paranoid" relates directly to the argument that was made. A popular ad hominem is to call someone a racist.

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