Critical Thinking #5: Necessary & Sufficient Conditions

14 thoughts on “Critical Thinking #5: Necessary & Sufficient Conditions”

  1. Is 'being born in the US' really sufficient for 'having voting rights'? Apart from the fact that you can change your citizenry to, let's say, British, don't felons lose their voting rights? In that case, being born in the US is neither sufficient nor necessary.

  2. Suggesting for your next video: Critical Thinking #6: Intellectual Honesty (or What Does Intellectual Honesty Mean?)

    The murky territory where truth in arguments does not lend itself to absolutes, refusal to acknowledge availability of contradictory evidence and how tribal mind-sets have a proclivity to diminish progress in discussions on either side of the fence.

  3. Many do not have the necessary critical thinking skills to even make it past grade school and high school. College? Forget about it. Critical thinking is an innate ability. No one is equal in that sense. The world is full of dumb asses.

  4. Showing the 48 contiguous states is not sufficient when talking about all 538 electoral votes. It is necessary to show Hawaii and Alaska as well.

  5. I have taught a little bit of mathematical logic, and in my experience, some students get really confused by the phrase "only if", assuming it means the same thing as "if".

  6. 3:05: *except for Maine and Nebraska, which are not winner-take-all states for electoral votes.*
    Maine and Nebraska both use an alternative method of distributing their electoral votes, called the Congressional District Method. Currently, these two states are the only two in the union that diverge from the traditional winner-take-all method of electoral vote allocation.
    Since electors are awarded to each state based on the number of House seats plus the number of Senate seats (always two), the congressional district method allocated one electoral vote to each congressional district. The winner of each district is awarded one electoral vote, and the winner of the state-wide vote is then awarded the state's remaining two electoral votes.

  7. I really appreciate this miniseries. If you are interrested in philosophy, its nothing new, but for most people it can really help improve their argumentative skills for more productive discussions.

  8. The great tragedy of Science — the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact. -Thomas Huxley, I wish we could operate our government with a little more science and a lot less fantasy. 🙁

  9. There doesn’t seem to be a “Philosophy” section under that website. Or are you just referring to philosophy as being part of logic?

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