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hello YouTube thanks so much for joining my station today this is going to be a tangent random type educational slash religion slash informative slash da-da-da-da-da kind of random kind of all over the place and I'm gonna be touching on some subjects you may or may not be interested in so welcome this is gonna be for mature adults only people that are over the age of 21 only if you do not care to hear those type topics that I just mentioned that I'm gonna be speaking about please do not listen to this video if you're under the age of 21 this one's kind of on the more mature live life a little bit went through some stuff type talks so it would be kinda unsuitable for people that are under 21 however if you are mature adult and you do feel like you want to listen to these my strongest suggestion would be to have someone to you know be with you okay some concepts that ideas get by you you can have some dialogue with somebody that actually have some wisdom and life experience so welcome I'm going to be touching on a bit about religion personal belief you know everybody has their own spin on how they hold their spirituality in their worship in their minds I in the way that they respect each other while doing so is some of the stuff that we're going to be talking about but we're gonna be kinda all over the place so please forgive me if I go in on a tangent do not pay it any mind it's just starts to provoke you to think about things in these days and time as you know time go by we notice different scenarios and that kind of an idea so again welcome the first one I want to attack is the people that claim that the earthquakes in California is a sign from God that just depends on your vantage point of how you feel God and where your head is one the bigger picture as relates to our spiritual grill our spiritual dimensions of existence as you know we live on different planes of reality in different dimensions in those planes is just a part of what reality is our reality as mankind knows it but I get too deep the too technical about those different dimensions and it's not just no to do is this there's scientific evidence that they won't come out with publicly publicly okay on different beings in different situations that some amateurs some intermediates will expose so if some we're thinking or you're lucerne yes I'll let you be the judge of that at the end of the day look up some information as it relates to CERN latest activity or previous activity in the last couple of years or so and there are ways that you can't open up different layers of dimensions we're like a fabric in space or a page in a book with all things being equal it would do us well to know we're not alone so we just begin there so I said all that to say to you yes we are not alone how do you notice miss Jacqueline while I noticed because you can't get order out of chaos how did all of this become a organized system out of chaos an explosion I eat the Big Bang Theory you mean to tell me we got order out of all of that chaos it didn't just go on and on and on and on no it slowed down and it organized itself on its own and created life really I mean common sense would tell you there is no magic in that there has to be a force in an organization behind it on because it's all related to the universal language called mathematics is it perfect no it is not a machine is art no this art is not perfect the world that we live on is art it's chaotic organization we sit on tectonic plates okay the earth in other words is a living being just because it doesn't have eyes like a human being or nose or teeth or you know legs or you know will we consider a living creature that mean it's not living scientists will tell you that we have dead world's we have living worlds we happen to be on a living world and it does stuff check it God give us all this land mass to live on and we want to live off faultlines have fought him when the thought my gills receive that is that simple people you go to where the sharks reside and swim there with no protection and you get eaten by a shark nine times out of ten you set yourself up for failure so is it logical to blame the creative all things you know on this act that you've been eaten by a shark because you were in shark waters so if you live around a fault God give you wisdom knowledge and understand and understand not only that there is a fart but it's an act of fog this fog works don't you think it would be logical more than logical to reconsider your real estate investment as far as your living situation goes so I'm irritating ya I'm irritated cuz I love God God made everything he made it out of love and they're trying to make God some hateful being it would make more sense in fact I would accept it better if they would say Satan is tempting us and is setting us up for failure now that to me would be more logical than to blame the worst of the worst on a loving human a loving B they created human beings in his own image so I stepped down off my soapbox people we need to use our critical thinking skills if you have a warning that there's a tornado coming you know to go and get your bunker shelter or a storm shelter what have you you know you know to get out of the way saying here if you are on a fault line it would be we're very very knowledgeable and we'll to either prepare to leave or leave all together especially if you feel that there's a high probability this fault may give why would you stay it's just that the earth is doing its thing it moves it gives it creates it grows it defecates it does stuff okay somehow people think that they're so special to where when something goes wrong in the world it has to be the Almighty not not not not not that they you know position themselves for the event or advent of the event to happen to them no no no that they're really you know how narcissus is that we have pastors literally a church making mega collections and donations as it relates to this very topic that I'm telling you about and more this is one topic I'm gonna pick on if we suckin it up like a you know backbone where I'm from in the country we'd Nick bones we're sticking it up like neck bones I love meat off the bone no bound damn Neal white look like it been sitting around a few days by the time you're done with the bone is so sucked off we eat it up hook line and sinker the whole entire thing just gobble gobble and they get in there five fancy cars and take trips in there five fancy jets and live on them fine sensitive Real Estate's because we we you know we're like cattle it's sad to see it and so I had to speak on I had to make a video I hadn't seen a video like this you know I am i doing a little research first and my hope is that somebody did make a video as it relates to something similar to it I try to bring out and bring to the forefront in my little my new audience that I can hand them you know I don't know how people hundr hundreds of people I can't do it there's too many people I have to you know be to D focus to concentrate on that many people I can't do but a classroom size is good enough maybe 12 13 25 people I'm good good I've got it I got a few people's attention people that are leaders people that know how to listen to a good reason and thought and if they don't feel like it they'll figure it out on their own go to research it actually come up with their own concepts and ideas and if nothing else at least get a different perspective about the whole matter that I bring to the table on that YouTube station and I'm good with that trust but this is the thing we're we're no less than wildebeests very intelligent being nonetheless however we'll go right on down with the leader wherever the leader goes we would just follow them just know you know no mindset of your own no thought pattern of how to you know create a path for yourself in life is just you were born in your were born to follow a leader period as if you didn't have a brain of your own hmm this is not a revoke video of course you're supposed to you know stay organized in going some direction that makes the most sense for the better good of humanity so don't take it in a manner of which I'm saying to just go you know off the grid and derail I'm not saying that I'm just saying without good logic and reason think think for yourself and of course if you're wise leader is leading you in a way that you want to go go by all means I follow leaders myself I have a host of people that I follow that's neither here nor there these are private citizens that I follow and look up to and mentored by so of course I wouldn't be where I am in my life at this moment in time if it wasn't for certain leaders that I aspire to be like someday or that I am being fed by in a productive way I don't spend a whole lot of time on focusing on people that make me feel guilty for anything it's not your job to make me feel guilty however I will accept constructive criticism they're just because a host of things are right or a host of directions could have been the way I could have been the way could have been the way that I have taken I don't choose all of them I pick and choose what I want for me and for me alone and that's all I'm saying this is pick and choose wise it's a buffet out here of information that people are feeding us and we as individuals neither understand that we don't have to eat the entire buffet we don't have to sample off the entire buffet people somebody lay out our whole buffet for you doesn't mean that you have to accept every single thing that they're saying right or wrong it could be right so what so what okay and don't let anybody dictate to you how you need to feel about anything or think about anything did I say don't let them encourage you now did I say don't let them mentor you no I said dictate you ought to think this way because it doesn't so really and who's breathing your air for you who is adjusting your sustenance to sustain your life for you who is walking your path for you if it's anybody other than you please make that video please make that video proves me wrong so then you'll see how ridiculous it is to allow somebody to tell you anything that you do not accept by way of research and understanding the wisdom and taking it in and getting a more in-depth idea about it for yourself did I mean does it benefit you and enhance your world in some way yes exactly that exactly that does it enhance your world in some way yes does it benefit you somehow yes take it on don't dismiss it that type of advice is the only advice I'm advising you to take for you so now we're not going to go around as leaders and I'm talking to leaders here I'm not talking to the father I'm not talking to a follower I'm talking to a leader if you are not a leader please leave this station if you are a leader and worth your salt that you carry around you would he to the understanding of how to decipher what is right and what is not right for you and you alone first in other words you can't help anybody else if you can't help yourself you need to be helping yourself to all the best of knowledge and understanding that you can have it endure and obtain for you so you could be a better version of yourself on a continuous basis in other words don't dim your light so somebody else gonna shine brighter than you don't follow the crowd just because they're all going in that direction not just because of it but if it's a direction where is of a benefit to you somehow it enhances you in some way and you want to go that's different I'm not talking about doing what you want to do and it just so happens that other people are doing it too I'm not saying that okay in fact that's how I'm saying you should live or you should be or you should conduct yourself it's not because of them it's just that they're going the same way by coincidence or chance or it's the most logical thing to do as a group okay like going to work or to college or both if you're working in going to college or if you're just going to college of you just going to work that type of an idea there's a host of people there too you're not just there by yourself that's – ideal you're going on vacation it's just have to be a host of other people around you – and this is enhancing your world enhancing your life and making you appreciate how you're living your life more and more every day that kind of an idea you see don't do it because of in other words don't keep up with the Joneses the Joneses are broke anyway the truth be told and we try to appease people doing that very thing I'm gonna break my neck to keep up with Janice so is sewing and because I want that too you know and now you're in the poorhouse you know trying to figure out how you're gonna get your life back together so don't look at what everybody else is doing or what everybody else has that's still because I'm gonna tell you something what's for you is for you and Kay nobody or nothing do nothing or anything about that life is what you make it don't let anybody else live your life for you tell you ridiculous stuff and you've just fallen off a cliff because somebody told you everybody's going that direction and you should go too and that kind of an idea we have to be careful how we feed our brains with information what information are you allowing your brain to be fed means your whole life really wrapped around entertainment and what the Kardashians are doing how they caught our Kelly finally and you know it's okay to keep up with you know gossip and news that's entertainment and it's nothing wrong with that but is it your life is it all that you do is it a book of what you're feeding your brain in other words what was the last time you actually read a book what's the last time you actually did anything that enhanced your brain to where a gang more knowledge when was the last time you did anything functional in a way of being a benefit not only to yourself but to others around you take trucking for instance they're the backbone of our nation we could function as a society without them each driver is a reward in it of themselves whether they're being paid right or not okay so yes even your very job that you do every day must mean something if you call yourself a leader otherwise you're just a follower and this is not a follower station ie why my numbers are very very my new not everybody needs to be a leader you can't have everybody lead but a host the leaders have followers there select leaders they have leaders hmm they're select Lee just they have a host of leaders and a host of followers Karl rank-and-file everybody else followers and we need them they're life-sustaining in their own right to be a follower there are the pillars of the majority of infrastructures like everything from 501c3 to corporations couldn't function without in other words we need to appreciate our following and serve them well we can't serve them and we allow ourselves to listen to any and everything can just you know something's people telling you this that doesn't so and blaming the almighty forward and all this kind of stuff you know really and we just go right along with it you know but maybe yes you know he's just coming out the sky he's bringing judgment and blah blah blah really really really really just never thought and dawned on you that the earth is the living being and then moves you know we just you know standing on something that's gonna do something giving you warnings you know I will say this how people do perish for lack of knowledge lack of knowledge it's not about knowing every single thing but it is about knowing to know that you don't know it all and you can always learn something okay and it's okay to not know as long as you're willing to learn I don't care what state you're in Steve Hawk is a prime example of that he was a quadriplegic with a disability that deform not only his ability to function but his very sight was challenged he was inside himself prime example that we only adapting and I'm talking to myself as well but just a very small fraction of our capacity my pastor taught me that in church that we are only tapping into a very small fraction of our true capacity if we were to actually use our full capacity will wonders could we create do in half something just dig a little deep into yourself when someone tells you something by at least analyzing it first and trying to make logic and reason out of it and if it don't make sense simply dismiss it Jane signing up

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