Critical Thinking #15: Equivocation

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15 thoughts on “Critical Thinking #15: Equivocation”

  1. When Buttigieg stated that Sanders & Trump supporters are the same, he can try to lead you to the false conclusion that Sanders & Trump both think that Climate Change is a Chinese Hoax (however, Sanders does not think that Climate Change is a Chinese Hoax, while Trump sometimes thinks it is). However, Buttigieg wants you to equivocate blowing up the system with Sanders. He wants you to believe that Sanders supporters (bernie bros) are crazy like the Tea-Party (teabaggers).

  2. I see 2 downvotes.

    David should feel honored
    that President Trump and Vice-President Pence watch his videos.

  3. Another tricky example of this happens when the second meaning is not as well known. I see this occur when the word 'myth' is used.

  4. 2:00 this is an argument theists make all the time, and they think it's their brilliant "gotcha" moment when, in fact, it just shows how irrational they truly are. 😆🙄

  5. Your first example was far from clear. You used the implication of the word "high" in the second premise rather than the actual word, leading to confusion. That said, thoroughly enjoying the series.

  6. This one is used all the time in healthcare discussion/debate:
    Healthcare: the financial system of covering the cost of health
    Healthcare: the healing pratice to get people better.
    "Our healthcare sucks, it put so many people in dept.(money)
    – No, our healthcare is the best, people come from all over the word to be treated here! (Treatment)"

  7. 100 years ago black people weren't allowed to own guns now we have these little white Nazis trying to take guns away from them not cool

  8. Very good examples used here. I see these exact fallacies used all over the place by dishonest creationists.

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