Critical Thinking #13: Denying the Antecedent

21 thoughts on “Critical Thinking #13: Denying the Antecedent”

  1. David, it would be helpful if you not only gave examples, but showed a real world situation where arguments were used

  2. If I have one complaint it's that you used a thin arrow going from A to B, but a thick arrow going both ways. To me, a thin arrow is syntactic while a thick arrow is semantic . This is some serious hairsplitting though.

  3. Keep in mind that an invalid argument does not mean that it’s a bad argument it can be a perfectly fine inductive argument. Given the new information that A is false makes it more likely that B is also false, even if not necessarily so

  4. Denying the Antecedent, David FAVORITE FALLACY, as he uses it every time says gun bans work!
    If you wish for me to point out the special pleading required in your "drug bans are ineffective, yet gun bans work", I will.
    "there’s no discernible trend in such murders, or murders by firearms, in the years during the ban and years since. The assault weapons ban was in effect from Sept. 13, 1994, to Sept. 13, 2004, when it expired.

    Gun are banned in the UK, yet the MURDR RATE is higher than the post ban levels. Denying the Antecedent blames the guns alone.

    Funny you all listen to "critical thinking" from a person who doesn't use it!

    You have a problem, let me help you identity it.
    IRRATIONAL PHOBIA of rifles, as cited by the statistics.
    Semi-auto rifles kill 400 people yearn America, where handguns kill TENS OF THOUSANDS. By the FACTS, you have an irrational fear, you wish to peddle on others.

    Cue the people Denying the Antecedent….

  5. My applause and appreciation to David and the crew . It would seem that what most American believe to be their " knowledge " is in actuality nothing more than prejudice formed before the age of fifteen . It is important that you " believe nothing that you read and only half of what you see " that is the definition of " critical thinking "

  6. So if you believe what Fox says you are a gullible fool, but if you are a gullible fool you might not necessarily believe what Fox says?

  7. Your egg-sample reminded me of the guy who said, "I'd like all of your eggs." IIRC it was the guy from Parks And Recreation.

  8. I wonder if people falling for this fallacy are confusing the converse with the contrapositive. They think (A -> B) -> (B -> A) is true, but it's (A -> B) -> (~B -> ~A) that is true… I wish there could be a poll or something.

  9. I have seen time and time again how right wingers will construct facetious cause-and-effect relationships as well as deny viable cause-and- effect relationships. And simply because they are not able to engage in critical thinking, they are incapable of realizing they've lost the argument.

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  11. Interestingly enough, your bi-conditional example: I'm alive only if I'm breathing isn't sound. If you can breathe, you're alive, but if you're alive, you aren't necessarily breathing. You could be choking, for example. Of course, you aren't going to be alive for much longer unless you can restore your breathing. Distilling the logic from language isn't always easy.

  12. Some people find difficulty in communicating with others simply because their tone is wrong. I will include a link to a video that will help explain why some people are expressing the wrong tone.

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