Critical reflection – Improving outcomes for children

Pikul reflection means to me looking deeply at something not only the how you're doing it what you've done but most importantly why you're doing it and where that's going to take you what you're going to do with that information to inform you about your practice your teaching your intention and how you're going to use that to transform things into something better I think critical reflection is really valuable I I love doing it I think it gives you an insight into pedagogy and into what you're really doing as such as it allows you to take a step back it allows you to think and sometimes that reflection doesn't happen immediately it could be that if you've noticed something down it might be two days it might be a week it might be a month that when you've taken a step away from it you can look at it and it can give you so much more information and just give you it it works as a guide for where you want ahead I think it improves outcomes for everyone because you're looking at what went well what didn't go so well but you're looking at the philosophy behind why you did it I think from that you can say well maybe next time we might try this but the reasons why we're trying it is embedded in your philosophy the culture it might be embedded in a theory it might it's embedded in this practice there might be something in the standards that you might want to go back and reflect on and see how you're actually doing that I think it benefits everybody and I think also that benefit is spreads out to the community as well

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