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  1. Sir, why aren't we considering B as our answer in last question. As it states that drug made from IBORA is expensive to produce, and as cost of production is very high hence it would not be continuously produced and ibora would not go extinct.

  2. Hi,

    In second question,

    there is no mention of 'environment', so can we assume something which is not mentioned??

    i did in following way:

    Significant advances in Biotech.

    [ASSUMPTION] –>Each human defect or sickness can be traced in part to genetics (option E)

    Genetic medical problems can be traced.

    These medical problems can be eliminated.

    I got ans as E.

    Please help me to get to correct understanding!

  3. Sir for the question I think the option should be 'B', because in the question it is not mentioned – all computer scientits. Please comment.

  4. Thank you so much for all your rc videos,,,, i was very weak in rc specially for banking exams…. but after analyzing all your videos no i can easily solve 60% ,,,i am so happy now,,, i would like to make a donation ,,, do u support indian payment? Thanks

  5. Thank You so much for the videos Sir!
    Can we please have more such videos on inference as well as solution to the questions discussed?
    Please! 🙂

  6. I think option b should be the answer because in ques it mentions that computer science is losing its creativity. n in option c it mentions a 'program' nowhere in passage it mentions about any program. plus computer science can be related to making computer parts also so I think option b mentions some scientists are disregarding creativity and pursuing profit makes sense. I can be wrong but in my opinion it is be. please correct me if im wrong. thanks 🙂

  7. really day after tomorrow is my IBPS and I was dead sure that i must left this type of questions but after this I will atleast try

  8. Hi sir I have one question in verbal reasoning , it will be helpful if you help me.
    Carrying an identity card should be made mandatory for everyone in the United States as this would make the society a safer
    place to live in.Most people wear as ID with them anyway, so this proposal would be easy to implement too
    whcih of the following if true weakens the argument below ?
    1.The U.S. goverment should make it advisable to carry an identity card. However , it should not be made mandatory.
    2.Everyone should not be required to carry an ID card as this is an invasion of individual's privacy.
    3.According to the 5th amendment in the U.S. constitution , you have the right to not identify yourself or release any other
    information if you choose to do so.
    4.Both 2&3

    From my point of view Ans is 4 (Both 2&3) but my ans came out as wrong.
    I assumed that " Invading into someone's privacy is not safe " hence it weakens the argument.
    Please guide where have I gone wrong??

  9. Sir can you explain this question?

    The burden of maintaining the U.S. highway system falls disproportionately on the trucking industry. Trucks represent only about 10 percent of the vehicles on U.S. roads. Yet road use taxes assessed on trucks amount to almost half the taxes paid for highway upkeep and repair.
    Which of the following, if true, would most weaken the argument above?
    (A) The trucking industry has enjoyed record after-tax profits in three of the past four years.
    (B) Because of their weight, trucks cause over 50 percent of the damage sustained by highway surfaces each year.
    (C) Without an economically viable trucking industry, the cost of goods in the United States would rise significantly.
    (D) Road use taxes paid by trucking companies have decreased by 3 percent over the past five years.
    (E) Due to years of neglect, U.S. highways today are badly in need of major repairs and rebuilding.

  10. sir for your bening work i am really grateful for it.
    in grammer section some video left so can u uplode it please as soon as possible.
    and in critical reasoning ,course nd effect problem video please, once agin tahank you.

  11. Sir first of all thanks for this lecture.
    In a session you have mentioned verbal logic session 1 and deductive logic but when I browsed i got the 'conditionals and deductive logic. & 'Verbal Logic and Reasoning : Syllogisms'. My question is that are these are the same videos which you have mentioned in the session ?

  12. Just answer me one thing sir….I m preparing for cat 2015 and I m felling little less motivated I need ur advice how to make my attempt strong

  13. Just answer me one thing sir….I m preparing for cat 2015 and I m felling little less motivated I need ur advice how to make my attempt strong

  14. Thank you sirs, for all the videos. Would be much much difficult covering most of the concepts without your efforts. Thank you. 🙂

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