15 thoughts on “Critical Reasoning ( Assumptions ) in Hindi – Part 1”

  1. Assumption is always given from the view point of the person who is speaking..we don't have to think from our perspective..we have to consider what the speaker might have thought before saying the statement..for ex. In que 4 we have to think from the point of view of the govt.

  2. CET Critical Reasoning Strategy – *Know the technical approach towards Critical Reasoning*👇🏻
    *CET Daily Series*🤜🏼

  3. Bahanchod 5 minute ki class ko 30 min ki kar di abbey itna slow chak rha hai jaise khud kahi se dekh ke pda rha hai… Chutiya lodu

  4. For the question 1
    Implicit 3 should go i think. As option 1 is saeing that "many people will go to obtain the discount" whereas it is not sure that will many customers go. if statement says "Many people may go to" than it can be implicit.

  5. In question 2 second assumption cannot be implicit because they are saying they currently all the sugar factories are not able to cater to the demand of sugar requirement

  6. Nice video… a video me jo bola gya wo to samajh gya pr critical reasoning me se or kia kia type ka Q ate hai ekbr wo discuss karte to acha hota
    by the way nice work

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