Critical Analysis Paper

hey good afternoon class I wanted to use this opportunity to update you in regard to the papers you just submitted so far I've looked through them all and they all look fine and I was really surprised to see whom some of you two chose as your leader do hope to have those graded by the end of this week I apologize that I haven't got it done sooner but there was computer issues there were there's been all kinds of meetings and so on and so forth but I will do my darndest to make sure that you have feedback on those tomorrow okay so if you haven't gotten it already so let me just talk a minute about the leadership critical analysis is coming up next week which is the final week of class okay so students I want you to critically analyze your leadership abilities in regard to your traits strengths and skills I also want you to indicate your goals in regard to being an ideal leader the paint your paper should be five to seven pages in length and APA style and be sure to include citations and references to support your assertions I've had some students asked me are our statements okay first person writing they are I do ask that you minimize it but this paper is about you so I won't hold that against you but throughout this whole process of the course we've conducted a lot of self-evaluation and considered a lot of these elements in regard to leadership a strengths-based leadership and how that fits within your you as a future leader or Z even a current leader so really explore this enjoy it now I'm not I'm not going to count off if you're at four pages or if you're at a but try to stick around that five to seven page lemon okay so if you have any questions feel free to drop a question in the open discussion or shoot me an email or we can set up a time to talk as always I hope you've really enjoyed this class I've loved read your blog posts and also have enjoyed reading your papers so I look forward to reading these next week I really want to see how you apply the knowledge that you've gathered about yourself and also leadership in this course over this semester so have a great rest of the semester have a wonderful break between summer 2 and fall and thanks

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