Credit for Prior Learning Video #6: How Many Certifications Can I Apply?

>>Is there a limit to the amount of professional
certifications that could then translate into college credit?>>Our maximum limit for any form
of credit for prior learning is 45 credits. The maximum of the portfolios is 18. The maximum of taking exams is 30. And then there’s really no limit on the
number of credentials. But it still has to stay underneath
that 45 total. So you can kind of mix and match
but you can’t go over 45.>>That’s potentially 2 and a half years of
college credits.>>Yes.>>That’s huge.>>Yes. It’s really starting to make a difference.>>Wow.>>We started doing some of our own
data analysis of students who are making use of any form
of credit for prior learning and we are finding that they are graduating just,
on an average, two semesters sooner. That’s including some people who are,
you know, way off the charts, doing a lot of it and some people who are
just doing it normally.

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