Creative writing lessons: Creative Writing tips, advice and lessons from bestseller Stephen King

27 thoughts on “Creative writing lessons: Creative Writing tips, advice and lessons from bestseller Stephen King”

  1. Hello. I am a novice writer. I writer short stories and novels. I have published my first book on amazon site (the gates opner. (miracle birth book 1). Three years ago. I have not been read by anyone. What do you advise me to read and spread?

  2. Its true. People care about dogs more than people. They will walk right by a homeless person but help a stray dog

  3. I love learning about Jesus by listening to children’s stories , because it is never an intellectual exercise but a children’s joy project of painting all the lovely stories in my heart and soul. No matter what your beliefs I feell this level o understanding mostly effects your inner self like you are a child. Adults with our often deeply troubled minds that children don’t have as much as much look at the world as a fun place of excitement. They just keep their feelings simple and enjoy them not despise them as stupid like us truly intelligent but in many ways stupid adults.

  4. I have bipolar and I have a lot of limitations not only in mood , paranoid views that I can only intellectually view as bizarre , but none the less real st an emotional level.

    Few can write well. I have an unbelievable quest for any knowledge, so I can draw on this as my rough idea for a story. Then write and edit at least 3 times. I am never totally satisfied.

    Your paper must flow like a river , if you can not learn on your own logical transitions of ideas that make sense then work on this first then write.

    Write on an eighth grade reading level and your reader will love you. This is the most enjoyable reading and perfectly ok. Although I have a great vocabulary I never use it out of respect for my reader. There is no perfect adjectives or adverbs so why try, jut make your descriptions interesting and fun.

    If you lack imagination learn this. The greats of the world in all fields have great imaginations . Learn it . Daydreaming is a true joy. Picture yourself flying or traveling on the end of a light beam like Albert Einstein. One of the great joys for me is flying over my neighborhood.

    You will never convince another of your ideas, so why try? Just gently nudge others for fun, they will love you and save your ego. If you want to convince people trump is great then think of small things people miss in their haste to judge. I have no public opinion I will state in this.

    Just like I don’t have natural talent to be a painter you probably don’t have a gift at writing. Ok stop trying to impress others with your ideas and just express them for the sheer joy of painting words in your readers mind beautiful pictures in peoples minds like they are an open canvas..

    Above all you can violate al these rules but if you are interesting than you are ok. Don’t write if you can only only express your boring life, with no joy or imagination on your paper.

    Stephen King starts with a general story and creates a story that he lives first. Then all else is details on the most interesting way to tell it. It really is that simple. Keep in balance, focus and imagination of incredible joy only can help.

    With my talents could I be another Stephen King , yes. But I don’t want too his way of telling a story is his and I Would hate telling his story , because I am not him.

    I have never read his books. But one book that changed me is “ endless enemies “ your view point of us and our wars will radically change your view of our arrogance if trying to mold the world in our AMERICAN image. Questioning makes a great writer.

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  6. He is a very sick individual for these negativities to be flowing in his mind.. Frankly there are much better writers

  7. I could listen to Stephen King talk for hours. I write in the same method as he does with defining your characters and a spark of an idea and seeing where they take me rather than trying to formulate a plot. It's much more exciting and liberating to write in that way, because the writer themselves has no idea what's coming next, and this leads to some very interesting situations and overall story telling.

  8. First time seeing Steven kinv and he looks like he would be on a news paper saying this man killed his dog mother child and wife

  9. Anyone that associates with a person that HITS a dog with a wrench is evil and sick. I just lost respect for Stephen King. Didn't have much respect in the first place. Doesn't have much of an imagination. Just takes century old ideas for his books, nothing original.

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