Creative Thinking vs Critical Thinking

hello and welcome back to another information literacy video today we're going to talk about creative thinking when you hear the term creative thinking what comes to mind typical phrases like think outside the box be innovative think different how does that differ from where we just came from in critical thinking often people say well you know creative thinking isn't for the business world critical thinking is where we you know when we're in the workplace that's what we're trying to do we're trying to be efficient and effective creative thinking is for our artsy people and I would encourage you if you think that way it's very common train of thought to go reevaluate the definition of critical thinking and be sure that you're not letting some personal assumption or bias creep in to what you think of these two terms quite often they can be two sides of the same coin a journalist has to think critically about what they're going to write about who they're going to interview what sources to use what perspective to take but they also need to think creatively when they're actually writing in order to write something worth reading something that's going to grab people's attention the CFO of your company has to think creatively in order to find ways to cut costs without laying employees off but they also need to think critically in order to evaluate which one of those methods are worth implementing I've got an exercise for you I want you to look at this grid of nine dots and try to connect all of them with straight lines without lifting your pen or paper or a pen or pencil off the paper and I want you to do this in less than five lines and pause the video get you a piece of scrap paper and try to work this out there are several solutions to this one of the most popular is for lines and it looks like this what happens when we present ourselves with a serious problem even if we're told to think creatively and think outside the box what is our brain do it it puts constraints that aren't actually there if you struggled with this quite often you thought well how am I going to do this without going outside the lines even if you didn't say that to yourself and this is quite literally one interpretation of thinking outside of the box what I leave you with is whether it's at home at school or at work why do you need both creative thinking and critical thinking

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