Creating your own music video – lighting

In the last issue of the iSing magazine,
I talked about why I think it’s so important for vocalists to start
producing their own videos and how you can get started. This time around I’d
like to go into how to set your scene light your location and use some of the
fundamentals of lighting and Composition to get the best possible result. One of
these guidelines that might help you along the way is the 3-point lighting
technique and this is probably the mother of all lighting methods so in the
3-point lighting technique the first light you’re going to place is the key
light and that’s usually the strongest light source you have available to you
and it’s going to be placed either to the left or the right of the camera
pointing straight at the subject. The second light we’re going to place is the
fill light and that’s usually placed on the opposite side of the camera and it’s
job is to make sure that no shadows are left by the key light the third light is
the backlight and that’s very often forgotten about even though it’s equally
as important as the other two lights the backlight will help to highlight the
silhouette of the subject, which will create a more three-dimensional look and it will
also help separate the subject from the backdrop. Thank you so much for watching. Do
check out the article if you’re interested in getting a few more tips
for getting your perfect job. See you soon

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