Creating a connected learning environment [Department of Education Tasmania Case Study]

Well Tasmania’s an island state, we’ve
got almost 200 schools and they are very widely dispersed around the state.
So technology is a very important part of the glue that keeps that system together. In those 200 schools we support roughly about
60,000 students, there’s 50,000 devices, on top of that we have about 20,000 student
owned devices that come to school each day. We’re not talking about schools in the bricks
and mortar that are there and that’s the school environment. The virtual learning environment
means that we’re all connected we’ve all got access to the information and that we
all can share the information. It just means that there’s no boundaries. Our virtual learning environment is focused
on the fact that the student needs to have access to their learning resources wherever
they are. It’s a key plank in our estrategy that we need to be able to move what’s called
blended learning. Telstra’s been a local RSP. We are offering 2 networks, so we run a managed
network for department owned devices, we then provide a guest wireless
network which our students using their BYOT device can connect to. Telstra’s a great partner for us and we
find that they’re really adaptive. I guess for us the most important point is reliability
we really want to have a partner who helps us who can provide a really dependable, cost
effective service and Telstra do that for us.

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