55 thoughts on “Create Apps Easily with App Maker | The G Suite Show”

  1. Ahh this is great! I would LOVE to see this for GSuite for Education! Our students are thirsty for something like this! They have wonderful ideas to improve their own student life at our schools. Hope this is considered! Thanks for always building awesomeness.

  2. can we build apps for trading the financial markets ( based on our own set statistical / quantitative rules ) ??? using app maker

  3. I would love to see this for G Suite for Education. I can see the benefit for students in developing computational thinking. Looks to me it is available only for Enterprise customer program. I tried to register for EAP. But all my attempts were unsuccessful.

  4. Yea, but the google for nonprofits isn't as detailed as this one. We
    need more hands on cases, what nonprofits need support on, why we should
    use this particular features. etc.

  5. I just purchased G Suite for the company I work for. This is exciting stuff. Now if someone could give me some support on Google My Business. I know it's a free service – but our company has had a snafu with our hours of operation, and there is no way to accommodate us.

  6. I allready applied for it but its taking to long can you help me with that? i need to start developing on google app maker right a way!

  7. I filled out the online EAP form twice. When will I hear if I'm accepted? Pretty please 🙋🏻💕
    As for what business applications I would suggest – ability to share Secure Google Docs with private on demand video instructions for my bag patterns. The Q and A forum App Maker template also looks promising. It would be awesome for my pattern affiliate program, I already have a versatile shopping cart that allows for sales on my G+ page as well as on partners' blogs! And it would make increase their enthusiasm for my affiliate program keeping my business top-of-mind with an App on their smartphone! I spread the word on all things Google with fellow solopreneurs ✅

  8. EAP applied since a while now. Looking forward for building workflows by using Google Apps Script within G Suite. Currently, I am connected with Romain Rodier and Kevin Fender from Google Cloud France which don't know when App Maker will be available for my business?

  9. Just finished a marthon 3 day session where I watched all 141 episodes of the Google Apps Show. Amazing. Been using Google apps from the beginning (or at least 5 or 6 years ago) but didn't stumble across Google Apps Script until last December. Once I got to understand the functionalities of these API's I quickly envisioned what you now refer to as the "transformation gallery". My focus is going to be serving customers with less than 5 employees and the "transformation gallery" concept is how people like me can add great value to small companies where nobody wants to, or doesn't have the time to, learn technology. Hopefully I'll be able to get myself certified by the end of the year. Thanks to Debbie, Jimmy, John, Jenny, Drea, James, Liliana, Riya, and Kevin. Great job. Personally, I hate doing that kind of production stuff. Really great that others will put themselves through this agony.

  10. Hey this is great, however…someone as big as Google, who probably has amazing programmers, why does the web calendar look so horrible? for so long…

  11. Excited to try out AppMaker…would love to see an AppMaker sample gallery. What's been done already? Showcase our new creation ( when it's ready!)

  12. I'd love to try learning to make apps using App Maker, but I am not a g-suite customer which is required when I sign up. Is there going to be free developer's access?

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  14. hi i have g suite in the organisation, and what kinds the app we can make. i have on mind make a catalogue because this organitation sales security equipment. i can made this with app maker?

  15. Did not learn anything at all about f suite app maker, thanks for wasting my time. Google needs better marketing teams on this. I bet you a lone YouTuber can make a better vid about how this thing works.

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  19. I've wanted to use the gsuite app maker. I've bought a business account (EUR 8 which I luckly cancelled out on free trial) and a website domain (EUR 10).

    Gsuite didn't recognise the login when tried to get into the app maker suggesting me to make always a new account. Have tried different solutions and internet browsers but never passed the BUILD IT! window without the same results as I never had done anything.
    The website domain has never been operative. When I typed it it always had shown error 404.

    At least I'd like to have my money from the website back, it's a service I had never got.

  20. This video looks very annoying – thankfully the first comment alerted to me this was going to waste several minutes of my life. Thank goodness for comments.

  21. I want to build an app but i dont have a business! why do apps have to be for businesses? Can you please make them so it isnt only for businesses? I would really like that

  22. We would expect Google to be on top of their game and combine the easy no coding needed easy user journey type of interface that can easily be done by wealthy companies like Google

  23. Great video, but it only seems to scratch the surface of what App Maker can do. I'm about to hire G Suite with App Maker soon and I am very excited to develop our system in this plattform, but I still feel a little lost. There is a lot of content online but I still haven't found like a starter's guide.

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