CRAZY SPANKING TEACHER!! Baldi's Basics in Education & Learning! (FGTEEV Math Game)

more I know you're the janitor and Stevie chase I had no idea what his voice sa but today we are gonna play ball these basic education learning scary nothing tough is it yeah shout out to them uh subscribers who told us to play this game who's this Bobby that's me thanks to meet you Baldy oh this is his school what do we do do you want play I'm not really sure why other subscribers also play this June we need to collect two notebooks go in there he's so creepy the graphics are like pretty bad so that probably means the game is good try down oil what's that door 90 turbo was that perfect first solve math question one what's two plus three do you know by 9/5 this educational game good job eight minus five wait – yeah that means you have to take away how about this 5 plus 3 is 8 so 8 minus 5 equals Thank You Bobby he's a nice teacher what's a try wait what what surprised Kaplan yeah what's he talking about oh you get a quarter Joe I wish school is like that was that thing say real quick or or we can find the other notebook awesome you got it fine one plus five six no pickle it's some math question oh why not stay here what is what should we say I try that try that try that I hear every door you open oh wow oh wow this just got creepy that's it whoa you're that whoa it's like oh my gosh he's gonna beat us you're mean when you follow school rules no running no answering faculty no eating no drinking no escaping big tension no breaking the fourth wall all the notebooks are back dude this is crazy faster okay thank you we got to be quick I think okay he's bad he's bad I don't hear there it is okay behind me no running in the hall seconds detention for you when will you learn what detective isn't you big bad boy what do we do what do we do what do we always get closer to why is he out to get us okay I think he stopped yeah god bless you okay why is this do he's coming detention for you know what is this game why am I such a baby cat wait what wait what oh hi it's coming to get us I don't know you need to know he's gonna he's here ah get the notebook quick you need to rest all I need to stop moving no that's messed up Pisco Bay I know I need to stop moving to rice I can't no I can't okay – wait water 6 – 2 4 angry or every problem you get wrong lady gaga that wasn't fair Lee maybe jumper over the principal got me what is that what is this game you put in eight yeah it's negative 8 that means he's coming for us right now no no every single time we get something Maddie comes for us what's 1 minus 9 okay I'm thinking negative 7 what yeah can you believe who's in school with us hey what's up granny I'm just picking up my granddaughter buns yeah dude if you press spacebar you could see who is behind you all right here 1 minus 3 negative 2 9 2 7 3 I do know noob that kind of spells a little play ok run okay all these companies come in Scott okay where should we go this way well we can't here now he's gone you need to rest no a little crazy guys coming god respirator can't see me how do you hide what is this got a sweet dreams right I got it clean I see coming it's messy in here okay go what's in there would glow hello baby that's detention right at the ball or notebook wait no are you oh no he's right there he comes from that way and stop is he still coming how do we hide what saram say Oh school faculty only okay it's said not to go in there but I kind of want to are these keys what do I do it those I think those are like so much Oh Cracker Jack who was that what is that what was that what is this a tree a Christmas tree no no no no run not me not me well what is that I can't I can't jump chocolate bar so what do I oh I'm drinking it what did I do I know he's right there we don't have time Oh principles keys maybe we have to go to his office what is this – all right what's that room notebook should I do it okay I'm sprinting I'm spending spending spending spending spending in shul oh no it sounds like he's close what someone's coming to sweep okay no one's behind me no is that me Johnny honey no no what Oh snaps okay the tension dude attention dude what do i do what do I do okay I'm not ready on that right please don't give me something that's definitely 65 onin I get angrier for every problem you get wrong stop it now he's gonna get the whole faculty against me what do I do with the quarter what was getting faster no he's faster now he's faster no I wasn't running that's cool okay cool what's in there get that get that what's this was it a lot what do I do with a lock but scared me so bad I could I feel like I felt like I got turned the stone in the movie frozen wait what if we don't have to what if we can go get the quarter like do we have to get the other notebook right now that's the only way we have to get it wrong negative one right wait what my dudes coming Oh sweep I feel like – that room is filled with clues that we should be listening should I go into the faculty I'm not running right so he won't get me right okay cool okay I could run in the class we're just not in the hallway can't run and then what who was that he say he's gonna take my candy cane donations that's for hungry little children no never again what is this with my teeth ladies and gentlemen I shall open it something with my teeth oh my goodness let me go cheese what do we spend a quarter on what does that do Baldy anti hearing and disorientating press it it's not working we already went that way let's go this oh it's that sock puppet that's creepy what's in here Oh Oh a chocolate bar what is that – energy flavor oh that gives me energy that's who is the channa tur why is he saying that more I know you're the janitor I didn't know I was the janitor reason oh well over here quarter oh right there oh I got a soda sweet so what does that do I'm afraid to use it yeah what is that guy hey I'm not running by the way panties running go get him get him go get him what is this another quarter yeah but what happens like should I just use this soda nice gonna click it no why did I do that again oh no I'm feeling he's coming bar look now I have energy oh dude that's dope I have full energy now this is a bully gonna take your cane you're gonna take my candy I don't have candy I'm just gonna try to go right by him he took my thing we have to get all the notebooks this is like slavery to this school 8 plus 7 that is 15 good 2 plus 2 this one's tough I don't know this one whoa okay all right what do we do chase try 7/7 a magic number oh great Jase I told you that the j7 okay yeah let's get a chocolate bar that gives me lots of energy oh yes soda is that soda that's a soda energy use it soda I'm gonna try to use this soda because it looks like well yeah okay I'm not running I'm not running I'm not running I'm not running I'm not running here was that sense of computer right there look doing SEC granny we got to do it though we're at three notebooks we gotta get to for notebooks 14 write the negative three bar you do this one I think Chase is gonna get it right oh yeah that looks right yeah dude I was just calculating that makes me hungry for clowns really went for it is right told you that's not right oh I shouldn't have listened to you okay right there Rita I'm trying I'm trying I'm trying I'm trying okay one minus 8 is negative 7 4 minus 1 is do you know that no just regular 3 I know it's tricky because of the whole negative thing you'll get there you're an easy kindergarten it was a genius for a kindergartner that's right no chase you got it wrong oh my goodness he's gonna speed at us I know he is at least have B soda oh my goodness oh my god so not the wrong way I did this soda the wrong way 1 this is sweeper guy always at him ah virtuals do we do this notebook ok no cookie 7 plus 1 is 0 plus 5 is next one is all you've got it wrong come on drizzle he's too close to us oh no oh my goodness we only needed two more notebooks I feel like we got the hang of this game I don't need to fini to prove it I can't beat it to prove it thanks for watching guys if you want to see more than this letter smell but for right now we are done subscribe we got merchants fun efficient shop shop follow vision calm tops up this video hit the bear notification button leave some comments of which I want to see us place because of YouTube we played this for good without further ado say hey you know I should say go buddy boy do you glitch them how did you do that how did you do you made them go backwards this is when you just stop into a fortnight dance alright Cooney let's do this doh are you kidding me granny how are you doing you found anyone

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  1. that guy on 11:37 is its a bully thats his name you take your soda but if you don't have soda he will block your way

  2. Please Daddy play on Lyca baldi's basics school trip I'll tell you the instructions to like you have to collect all the word if you don't collect your reward for the will chase you and I did a lot of comments I I only actually did one for you but sorry but I like please can you play the game all these basics camping trip and you have to collect lots of water and watch out for bear traps when you're playing it please play it by

  3. But also play roblox pizza place and go to the cyrcle and cyrcle shape in the sky and go foward to it and you are in party island

  4. I remember I commented on a video and said “do forget spinners” when they were still alive and like a few days later u uploaded a fidget spinner video
    I meant fidget not forget btw this is an edit rn

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