Crazy Football Skills & Goals 2019 #3

I was young set ablaze I would flicker with the blames I was rolling over bridges wasn't worried back a brain I was holding on to grudges with the jury and the judge and when it came to the verdict my sentences never bud I got a lot of ain't proud of but I got zero regrets I had to take a few back to really look at my step they tried to get him a case I saw it all in the stairs so I slid down a railing and got the hell out of there you know a piece of my story you barely open the book you got a glimpse of the cover and think you know what it took I wrote these verses in blood my DNA in my arm so if you Billy you feeling me cus it's straight from the heart not many can say the same gonna line you're playing games wish people that narrative but you're lost in the fame you reach about and go but you still lost in the flames i Mundy use what I wrote to make you better today I really preach what I practice I really sell Who I am that's my family ask any one of my best I just hate to see people who ain't the people they say yo what's wrong with the industry you'll be claiming the hey we were justified in the dark with a purpose finally it is [Applause] I gave that like to the world I gave that light to my fans I gave that light to my girl I cultivated my happiness screw it straight from the dirt I stopped taking appraisal started creating my work didn't listen to nobody were two roses have a rose I got sick of basic people throw them know I gotta go I can't live like this forever there's someone I gotta beat Justin II got better for me and I just can't wait and see so I set my sights where the grass the greens are smiling the butter but it look like me so oh hey my production the person that I'd to be stopped running up revenge and taught myself to be brave I'm the one they couldn't stop I'm the product of my dreams I'm the one who made it broke when they brought me to my knees here to pass a message down like they passed it down to me David set your soul on fire and you gotta let it breathe [Applause] go inside nowadays we're bringing take your thumbs in upon all these followers it depends upon mom you can tell them you are – it's a cop games no more time little–it our flank we live in big we live in it his head feelings atmosphere let you go we live in it chop his head inside you and the black a nice big bully and say mi Justin Smith stop to paradise with a nasty [Applause] saqib smoke babe in America sings a a hope to find you open up your eyes blinded by the lights so you can see we start to [Applause] you

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  3. I think people love mixing actual skill with pretty looking tricks that lead nowhere. Such a shame.

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