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Hi, friend! My name is Bambo-Jambo, and I’m
happy, you came to visit me. This is the city where I live. Just recently, there was still
a construction site. None of the houses have been built without a crane. But first we need
to assemble it. Let’s assemble the crane together.
Let’s start with the chassis… Crane needs the chassis to move around the
construction site. Let’s attach two wheels on the one side … And two on the other … What’s
next? Crane needs a good support to not to fall while working. Let’s attach two of
them on the one side and two on the other… Like this. Now, let’s set the cabin where
a driver will sit … Now we need to set the rotary platform with a cab on it. All control
of the crane is taking place in this cabin. The most important thing in the crane is a
boom. Let’s attach the base of the boom to the rotary platform … Now let’s attach
the boom … It consists of three parts. And at the end of the boom, let’s hang a large
hook to lift the loads … The crane is ready! What does our crane make
at the construction site? A crane is a machine the construction site
can’t function without. Imagine how difficult is to lift heavy bricks and large reinforced
concrete panels, of which our houses are built. A man can not do it, but a crane does it easily.
When the crane arrives to the necessary place, it exposes it’s supports – this way the
crane becomes much more stable. And here is the cabin where crane operator
sits and controls the crane. The crane operator pulls a lever, the mechanism starts to act
– and the work begins. He pulls another lever and the boom becomes longer and now it can
reach the roof of the house. Crane operator pulls the other lever and rotary platform
comes to action. The crane is very important at the construction
site. Dear friend, it’s time to say goodbye. Now
you know how to assemble a crane. See you soon. Bye bye

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