CppCon 2017: Bjarne Stroustrup “Learning and Teaching Modern C++”

24 thoughts on “CppCon 2017: Bjarne Stroustrup “Learning and Teaching Modern C++””

  1. Love his goofy and dry humor. I think that not just for C++, but every Computer Science/Engineering professor should watch this vid so that they would suck less.

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  3. C++ is complex and confusing. There are several reason as follow:-

    1. To do same Task 10 million option available.

    2. Traditional thinking .. delete keyword cause for memory leak so Why u not remove this from C++ compiler.

  4. I started learning programming in high school, but it was always simple maths or sorting algorhytms. At the university I started learning PRACTICAL programming on microcontrollers, databases or GUIs, and only then I got an understanding of how everything works.
    You have to have a purpose, otherwise it's useless and you'll probably forget everything anyway.

  5. Conan is an okay C++ package manager, cmake/bazel are good at building, and hab and docker are good for repeatable environments, but C/C++ really needs a more official pkg mgr because there's so much ecosystem fragmentation, at present. A package store that supports free and paid packages would be ideal.

  6. I need to say it.. today, education on University is making student some lazy, those high level language programming they are using to teach do not convinced me, I think a true engineer NEEDs to dominate C or C++, this language is not dead, is growing a lot, is so much important…

  7. In school we used java for programming, and we never touched stuff of the standard library. Instead we spent most of the time to learn about and implement linked list and other similar data structures in an inefficient, object oriented, non-generic style based on inheritance.

  8. All we know c++ is the best. i can program from chips to workstations or gpu farms with c++ language.

  9. He is right about people think its a good thing to not understand how the underlining system works or how the library works.
    especially people that write web stuff most annoying people i've met .

  10. … and hey the teachers on the internet, especially the guys, it is not a head start ….. thats the best thing about you guys … it is head first!! (Rufus, that makes two of us ) …:-)

  11. I cant say it if is a glass ceiling or stake out in the opposite building really …I'd go with the glass celing 🙂 Teachers over the internet really get you started and leave you respectful at them, their compassion, motivation and knowledge. But finally it is application….nice though ….the snoots pointing me to the Billionaire's Pledge are trolleys …… leave me hell and priority jiffy …..:-) … why is that one looking at me?

  12. С++ and GUI? I don't think they are from the same World. Qt is lame. I would use for it C#, JS whatever, but not C++!

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