Cows! Learning about Cows for Kids

(upbeat country guitar and fiddle music) – [Narrator] Cows. (cow mooing) There are one billion cows in the world. They live on every
continent except Antarctica. Cows came to the United States in 1611 with the first settlers of Jamestown and have been so useful since that up until 1850, every
family owned at least one cow. (cows mooing) Cows are very social
and, just like humans, they like to spend time
with their friends. They even like some cows more than others, just like when we humans
have best friends. (accordion music) Cows say, “Moo,” as a way to communicate. (“Old McDonald Had a Farm”) Cows weigh up to 1,600
pounds and have 32 teeth. They live up to 25 years. Cows are herbivores, meaning
they eat only plants. (teeth grinding) They eat 50 pounds of food per day and drink 35 gallons of water per day. Their stomachs have four compartments to help them digest all that food. (cow mooing) Cows can walk up stairs, but
their knees can’t bend properly to walk back down stairs. (cowbell clanging) Cows can run up to 35 miles per hour and when they’re in deep mud,
they can actually run faster than a horse could when in mud. (upbeat banjo music) Cows’ spots are like human fingerprints; no two cows have the same spot pattern. We get most of our milk from cows and some of that milk is used
to make other dairy products like butter, cheese and cream. (bell ringing) Cows are very friendly and gentle. The spend eight hours per day sleeping and eight hours per day eating. They have an excellent sense of smell and can smell things up to six miles away. They can hear things both lower and higher than human ears can hear. (upbeat piano and accordion music) Cows are awesome. What’s your favorite thing about cows? Thanks for watching. (cow mooing)

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