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Mooooooo. Says the cow when the green meadow. Mooooo. The large slow-moving cow chomp down on the green grass chomp chomp chomp. They love to eat grass that’s what cows
do most of the day! The rest to the time they chew their cud. Cud is food that they cough up and then show up again. EWWW. Cows have big stomachs with four
separate chambers. That helps when eating so much grass. These lucky cows are being fed hay from a tractor. Cows are much bigger than other farm animals. They come in all sorts of colors black white brown and with spots. Some cows have lovely long hair Did you know cows are actually all
girls and not all cows have horns but they all have an udder. Have you ever
had milk on your cereal? Milk comes from a cow’s udder! Udders have four teats. This is with the milk comes from. Male cows are actually called Bulls. They have big horns but no udder. And the
babies are called calves. Not all cows on farms. In India cows are considered very special there are lots and lots of
cows there. They wander the streets. And even hang
out at the beach! While some cows live in Austria have been known to
dress up for beauty contests!

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