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The Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse Hey guys, let’s make the country bingo
game, okay? Yeah. First print out the bingo sheets, okay, and glue some backing papers onto them. You need nine cards for each child that plays. So, you probably want to
make about four or five of these, okay? Yeah and cut them out and once they’re
cut out they look like this Yeah, you will also need a set of the
country flashcards you can find those on the website too, yeah. First thing is
please separate the cards some of the flashcards aren’t on the game so please
take out the 16 cards that are listed on the bingo sheet okay? Yeah and now we’re
ready to play. Shuffle the cards and give each student nine cards and then have
them make a three by three bingo card on the floor or the table, okay? Yeah! And get
your country cards and we’re ready to play. Instead of just teaching the names of the countries, I also like to teach some grammar. Here we’re learning the sentence
where are you from. Once they’ve learned the question it’s time to teach them the
answer. So as you can see, we’ve taken a simple bingo game but we’ve actually made it quite educational the
kids are learning the names of the countries and both the question and
answer, “Where are you from?” “I’m from Japan.” Yeah, and as you can see the kids are
having fun and they don’t even know they’re learning. Like I always say,
children learn the best when they don’t know that you’re trying to teach them. You can also use this game to teach
other patterns like “What’s your nationality?” “I’m American.” or “What
language do you speak?” “I speak Chinese.” Anyways, I hope your kids enjoyed this
game as much as mine do. Hey, why don’t we end this video with a song about
countries? Yeah!

14 thoughts on “Country Bingo Game for Kids | Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse”

  1. Great game!
    One more thing the kids are learning (or are at least introduced to) is the flags of the countries. This may not be directly related to language learning, but it's great for opening their minds to other countries and cultures.
    I also like the fact that you can play bingo without bingo sheets. I had never thought of that!

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