Counselor Education Department at Boise State University

DR. DIANA DOUMAS: At Boise State
we have two CACREP accredited masters degree programs. One in school counseling
and one in addiction counseling. We also have a CACREP accredited
doctoral program in Counselor Education and Supervision,
and this program is housed in the College of Education’s
Curriculum and Instruction doctoral degree program. DR. RAISSA MILLER: Supervisors
love working with Boise State students. They have reported that they are
prepared and enthusiastic and bring a lot of energy
and knowledge to their internship experiences. (Dr. Miller)
Student’s complete year long internships in schools
and addiction behavioral health treatment centers. I love that we have so many
students who are willing to be leaders and we have
two student organizations in our department and they are
filled with students in leadership positions
and it shows that they care about what’s going on
in the classroom but they also care about
participating outside classroom and with the community. (Dr. Doumas)
In the Counselor Education Department faculty are involved in research
in the schools, as well as throughout
the community and many students work with
faculty either in paid or unpaid positions
on those projects. My personal research is on
prevention of underage drinking and I have several programs
right now in the high schools working with online programing
to reduce drinking among those students. DR. AIDA MIDGET: So I bring
students to my research by training them to actually
be the trainers when they’re out in the schools. So they train
elementary school students and they train middle school
students to intervene (Dr. Midget)
and then they also return to the school
to provide ongoing support. My research really centers
around involving our counseling students. I really like to bring
service learning into my classroom experiences because
I think it provides students with an opportunity to engage
in the community and it also provides them
an opportunity to apply skills that they are learning within
the context of the classroom in real world situations. (Dr. Doumas)
One of the things that I like most about the
Department of Counselor Education is the relationships that the
faculty members have with each other as well as with the students. We’re really a very
collegial department and it’s a really great
place to work and I think a great place
to be a student. IRENE TORNELLO: Here I get support
from not only resources on campus but also, you know,
one-on-one support from professors. (Irene)
You’re provided a lot of guidance but also a lot of freedom
and independence. (Dr. Doumas)
Another unique thing about our program
is our job placement rate. It’s actually really quite high,
over the years it varies but we’ve had placement rate
as high as 96 percent and so our students, um,
whether they’re on the school emphasis track
or the addiction track, they are successful in working
in both the school and community agencies. DAN ARNOLD: Being a part of
a group and walking through this whole journey
as a part of a whole, um, is extremely meaningful. The way it’s set up, (Dan)
we’re really pushed and encouraged to challenge those biases
that we came in with, to expand our world view,
and when you do that together as a group of students going
through the process together, there was 22 of us
when we started, there’s a special bond
that’s created. We became very close,
very quickly, it really becomes like a family
between not just your peers but with your faculty as well.

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