Council Meeting Wrapup September 2019

Welcome to the summary of the September City
of PAE council meeting where I’ll give you a rundown of the key discussions, debates
and decisions from our last council meeting. I’m here at Semaphore Beach, which you may have
seen being discussed in the media recently. The State Government will be collecting sand
that has naturally flowed north to Semaphore and Largs, to address severe erosion at West
Beach. Local residents have concerns regarding increased
truck movements through local streets and the impacts on the dunes and beach. Council recognises the need for this project
to proceed for the greater good of our coast but resolved to play a strong advocacy role
on behalf of our community. We will be requesting the State government
to undertake further environmental and traffic analysis to minimise impact, and for the public
release of monitoring information. The CEO and I will be meeting with the Minster
for Environment and Water to convey local community issues, and seek assurance that
the project will have the least impact on our local community, the beach and dune environment,
private property and roads. We received a report on the future development
of Hart’s Mill which is a Renewal SA owned site containing a number of heritage buildings
and is highly valued by the community. Renewal SA have advised that when a viable
development proposal is on the table they will consult with both Council and the community. Council agreed to participate in the LGA Circular
Procurement Pilot Project with eight other Councils, which seeks to incentivise the procurement
of products which have recycled content. This is an area that the City of PAE is excited
to be taking a lead on, and it complements our recently announced Material Recycling
Plant that we are collaborating on with the City of Charles Sturt. We discussed and endorsed a new five year
Inclusive Communities Plan which will be going out for community consultation soon. We have been working for a long time to improve
accessibility and inclusivity for all, and this plan outlines the next stage of work
in our commitment to ensuring our city is a welcoming place for everybody One of my favourite jobs as Mayor is presenting
awards and scholarships. We presented the City of PAE 2019 Aboriginal
Tertiary Education Scholarship to Janaye Grose, who is undertaking studies in primary school
education. It was a privilege for me to award the scholarship
as I previously taught Janaye while working as a primary school teacher, so it is great
to see her making these achievements in pursuit of her goals. We considered in confidence a report about
the acquisition of a portion of Polonia Reserve for the widening of South Road which has created
an opportunity for an upgrade of nearby Regency Park Reserve. The minutes are now public and the project
will be delivered in partnership with the State Government. The upgraded facilities at Regency Park will
be home for the Croydon Kings Football Club who currently operate from Polonia Reserve,
and have two pitches and a new club room. This is great outcome for the Club. We have developed a draft submission to the
State Planning Commission in response to a Ministerial DPA for a parcel of industrial
land in Devon Park that is being planned for residential development. The council’s response to this is thorough
and raises some important concerns regarding building heights, car parking, green coverage
and stormwater which will need to be considered. That is a short summary of the key topics
from the September Council meeting. As always you can read all the reports and
minutes in full on our website, See you next month!

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