21 thoughts on “Corporate Welfare vs Social Welfare In The Federal Budget”

  1. It's crazy when you think about it because whenever all these Banks and auto manufacturers and other companies came in asking for bail out and showed up in private jets and riding in limousines they don't want to take a pay cut to help their own company and then have the audacity to ask the American people for money. It's crazy but you got all these starving people out in the streets kids that go to sleep at night with no food in their tummies or living in just piss poor conditions are all the veterans that come back from war all messed up and I'll government doesn't want to help them out yet they were fighting for the freedom of our country. It's a shame this country has turn into a turd. I love America but I hate our government. Also they keep trying to chip away at our rights

  2. Social welfare have been proven to work before, and it was ironically in the USA just in the last century.

    Corporate welfare have never been proven to work other than making the rich richer and the poor poorer. We tried that in the last 30 years because the right is convinced that a assbackwards approach is "responsible" or "thinking outside the box".

    If we do not stop corporate welfare soon, we really will become a nation where a few live like nobility and the rest in slums.

  3. Even now the right is attempting to cut food stamps while increasing military spending. The NSA is spying on all of us, the CIA is executing leaders of other countries and creating civil unrest among the populations of countries that regulate western capitalist from controlling their economy and this, their government. We would like to think that this is for the betterment of mankind, but it actually all about the money and corporate control of resources. If that don't work, we invade.

  4. There is no going back now without a revolution. Big business has taken over our government and it is not going away. They make big profits off of government and then invest their money in right wing propaganda, like the Koch Brothers. deregulation, money is free speech and "free enterprise" was started by Reagan and carried on through the Clinton and Bush administration and even the Obama administration. The money is just too great.

  5. Lois – It's actually rather simple. The right wing propaganda the right wingers listen to don't put it that way. It's called spin, like the money that is given to big business creates jobs and the "trickle down theory" lifts all boats. But as we have experienced, there is no trickle down. Big government is bad, big business is good because they create jobs and wealth. They say that poor people are poor because they are too lazy to get jobs or better jobs.Just listen to right wing propaganda

  6. Sorry. I guess the way I was raised and what has shaped my beliefs and perceptions over my life would make me a crappy politician.

  7. I think it's the idea of social Darwinism. Or the idea that "God made me rich because I'm awesome" and that "Poor people must be terrible people because they're poor" and are "Undeserving" of any help.

  8. I can't, for the life of me, understand why these politicians are so cruel to the poor. They could give to their friends in business AND help the poor more than they do with just small changes to our budget. I will never understand the rationale for the way they behave. It's as if they have no conscience.

  9. They don't fund the poor because the poor don't give them campaign contributions. It's corruptions and our government has been taken over by the wealthy for the wealthy.

    Gotta get money out of politics if we're ever going to see change.

  10. Yeah, because Social Welfare is costing us SO much compared to so many other programs funded by our Government. Why do they usually seem to attack the poor and helpless with their corrective budgetary measures? Why couldn't the Government skim some of the fat off the top of our grotesque military spending and invest more money in the ones hurting most? It wouldn't even have to be a large cut in military spending to give more than less than the bare min. to help the poor. Would be more humane.

  11. The separated the Food Stamp budget from the farm bill which gave massive subsidies to agribusiness, and they refuse to pass a food stamp bill without huge cuts to the program. We know where their loyalties lie.

  12. So they just cut the food stamp budget (Social Welfare) right, but made no cuts to any Corporate Welfare of any kind? Why does this not surprise me? smh

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