42 thoughts on “Corporate Attack on Education, Chomsky”

  1. inspirational. So children: "dont give up the fight!" as some band said in the Sixties. Who was it? Google it.

  2. You talk on the devils puppets u go jail or ⚰️ orrrrrr just give him your soul no big deal welcome to 2019

  3. Chomsky tells nothing but the truth so its pretty much impossible to debate such an intellect when he never has to deceive. Thats why msm will not touch him. A true great of our time and inspiring so many to become politically aware. The capitalist system will someday collapse and the manufacturers of the colapse will be influenced by Chomskys words. Humans before profit. Peace 👍

  4. The mainstream media and the poor education have brainwashed the majority of Americans so they can't understand what Chomsky says

  5. I see his point and where he is coming from, but is it not the strong relationship between the state and corporations which gives the oppurtunity for the elites to conquer the means of production? Would not the expansion of the state only lead to even more concentration of power, and therefore misuse of power, as history has shown. Limtiting the power of the state seems to me as a more reliable and sustainable method for the people to be free, no, not everybody would be rich but it would be up to the individual to make his own future, dependent only on his fellow man and not dependent on state nor big corporations. I think it would help if people, and parents especially, took more control and responsibility over their own and childrens life.

  6. I have read that by Powell. I dont remember how I got it.
    What I understand about paranoia is that this fear is totally drenched in the death idea. This US empire of people is full of bullies deeply afraid of death. Can't say these bullies have done much for me, but I can try to stop their paranoia, SINCE ALL OF US ARE IMMERSED IN THE SAME UNIFIED FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS, BURSTING FROM IT CONSTANTLY WITH PURPOSE, THEN THIS FIELD OR MATRIX OR GOD IS OUR SOURCE, LITERALLY. OR, Death is a lie. Since all of you are so paranoid that you think you have to be the bosses of everything, then death being a lie is probably not something you are smart enough to have created on your own. In other words, does a bully of the world know that there is no such thing as death? Of course not. Knowing that there is no such thing as death would cause a person to have compassion for everyone's grief related to this belief in death. Compassion is not hostile to anyone. Compassion does not build prisons and wars and a economic system that gives only to the 1% already rich with money.
    So everybody, learn why there is no such thing as death and then teach it. This will stop the bullies because they will no longer be afraid and then have to conquer all the lands in the midst of their confusion because they don't realize solidity is an illusion.
    Come on physicists. Where have you been all this time? Have you ever seen solidity in one of those billion dollar colliders? Of course not. Spinning, vibrating, oscillating, resonating and beaming energy is what everything is. How come you have not told your billion dollar friends?
    Stop ignoring Barbara Brennan, the physicist that wrote the book "Hands of Light". See all the pictures of what you look like as eternal energy beings or holograms.

  7. Quarks spin as 3 points of light for each proton and neutron. An electron spins/vibrates as 1 point of light. Since a hydrogen atom consists of 1 proton, 1 neutron and 1 electron, it spins as 7 points of light. The oxygen atom spins as 56 points of light. The carbon atom spins as 42 points of light. The "human" consists of 7 billion billion billion atoms all spinning as light at the quantum level which is every level. Why does no one talk about this? This means we are not solid and that creation is constant. This means racism is a lie as well as death. We are spinning and vibrating as this conscious light whether creating these light bodies or not. Energy does not stop. If it stopped, then how do we keep on breathing and pulsating?

    See the book "Hands of Light" written by the physicist Barbara Brennan to find many pictures of what we ALL look like as eternal energy/light beings.

    Could this US empire know this and be keeping this knowledge from us just to take all our money?
    according to the article "The Evil Federal Reserve" found at lovethetruth.com/government/federalreserve this living on credit because there are not enough jobs is what this US empire wants everyone to do.

  8. The world changes in may ways. But stay the same in others. In great parts of the western world wage slavery has been exchanged for tax slavery. If it is your boss who owns you or your state, "your country", it's no difference; you are still only a slave.

  9. Attack on education eh? Who infiltrated the education europeans did just like that christianity bullshit eh? All tou folks know is what was passed down by your ancestors that was programmed tou damn europeans and tour bullshit the college classes thats irrelevant is what? Interest paid up front fuckas? Tired of you muthafuckas…

  10. A good sales add is cool, but too many keep setting the standard for just fitting in , in all areas a little higher to keep the young maybe chasing that carrot but maturity can see through those shallow waters & walks away!

  11. It's an outright attack from the dreaded fascist higher realm nazi freemasonry,the fascist dark Vatican and their evil confederates are all in the global Kabul see or not,facts are super strong in identifying the devil behind the twelfth tree.

  12. As long as "the average joe and jane" do not rise up in mass and destroy their enemies entirely and then not let them arise again there is no point IMO in discussing this question/problem. And IMO also that is not going to happen for many reasons but a big one is that a large percentage of the average joe and jane's would love to be part of the "masters of mankind" and do just what they are doing if given a chance. They just don't have what it takes to get there. So the cause is defeated before it begins, subverted from the inside. .So IMO this is just a meaningless question as to what can be done or SHOULD (lol) be done about the slavery of the masses to the master's that have always been in control. Basic things that allow this are our parents and schooling,our politics, our religions, our forms of govt. etc. Better to just try and have a somewhat acceptable existence as a slave and by that I mean not being homeless under abridge or being shot by a cop or instead, reasonably, by taking arms against this madness end it, and I mean that in the Shakespearian sense.

  13. I want to argue most people don't benefit from a deep education to be frank your average person wants a job with a decent income and benefits, have a safe community, have their spouse care for them if married, their children have a chance for a good life, be happy with free time met with enjoyment and retire comfortably and die hopefully with loved ones around. Most aren't trouble makers and obey the law. So their educations tend to be needed to meet these. People who are deeper thinkers are met by public libraries, higher education to some degree and thinking about deep things and well might be 15% of the population. The elite are not intentionally doing anything the schools now are not meeting the real need getting a child educated and trained to get a decent job by the graduation of high school and trade education is far better than pre-college for most students. The breadth of education should be done in first to eighth grade for most people.

  14. Why should the Maschine stop,
    in the end every thing plays in the same system,
    first we got rid of the kings,
    than the replacement the aristocrats,
    now we got the land Lords…
    But they got replaced by the hypercapotalist….

    The problem is human society it self…

  15. No, Chomsky's a bad guy. He's the epitome of all that's wrong with academe. If he were any more to the left, he'd be coming full circle.

    But he's not, nor will he ever be.

    Instead, he's a stubborn, narrow-minded kind of guy who can't acknowledge or admit the faults of socialism, communism or all the problems associated with Eastern Europe

    Instead, he criticizes America. And, instead, He should be criticizing Russia, Eastern Europe, and China and Iran and North Korea.

  16. Can all of us anarcho-syndicalists/communists just go move somewhere and create an egalitarian society? It is just depressing at this point because our world is so messed up!

  17. Thanks Noam for yet another very instructive lecture. However, your idea that taxpayer's bailed out the banks in 2008/9/10/11 is incorrect as we in the UK and you in the US have a fiat non-convertible free floating currency which means the government doesn't need our piddling bits of taxes or to borrow to fund its spending. It can just create money with a few keystrokes out of thin air, as Bernanke said in an interview after the bail out and was asked Is this taxpayer money? He said (I paraphrase), "No, the government has an account at the Fed which Congress authorizes it to mark up and this is how the bail out was funded".Admittedly, this operation is not cost free but it is not like they had a pot of tax and borrowing from which they used the money to pay the Banks at our direct expense. And this obviously begs the question why can't they do the same for he things that main street so desperately need like free education and healthcare etc etc etc. Funnily enough, they can, they just don't wish to because the Politicians are now owned by the Corporations. I would recommend you read the works of Warren Mosler, Prof Bill Mitchell, Prof Stephanie Kelton, Prof L Randall Wray, Prof Stephen Hail and many others from the Modern Monetary Theory economics school who show us the way out of the mess we are in, but who need as much help as they can get to convince out politicians that what the Corporates are doing is destroying not only the people of the world but also the natural environment that supports all life. Once you have verified what they are saying is true, any publicity you can give to our cause would be gratefully received.

  18. The black elite have betrayed the rest of us. And I'm including most blacks with full time, secure employment.

  19. Chomsky claimed 9/11 was not a conspiracy by the Bush Administration when obviously it was. Why? Probably because his alma mater, MIT, produced the inept and fake video of planes penetrating and ludicrously passing through the steel and concrete walls of the twin towers. There were no planes, no Osama Bin Laden and no Islamic terrorists. The Israelis set demolition charges weeks beforehand to synchronise, when detonated, with the planes. An Israeli TV crew was on hand to record the catastrophe even before it happened.

  20. Back to Professor Chomsky. I have had to, out of dignity and personal integrity -agree with him. At never ending correct moral and ethical reasoning. Why? Because I am fully aware that kindness, caring for the welfare of my fellow Humon Being has far exceed my ambition to be riding the Green Room into the 1/10 of 100 percent whose ambition is without conscience. Do I like this idea, no. Will I live by it? Yes.
    Why? Because Love is the highest form of intelligence. We are, all going to have to face the fact, that there is literally no middle class in America. (2018).

    What happens as a result? Stealing from other countries using the excuse of humon rights violations or someother compelling lie.War is the result, War is death.Never forget that you had an opportunity to make this country into a comfortable free existence.
    …And, who choose war? I am choosing peace over money.And, probably over what the results are that include, a rather hopeless romantic life. Of coarse I mean this outside the scope of the so called age of romantic literature, which is almost anything other than romantisim. I wish Norton would shoot the whole proclaimtion out of the Cannon.


  21. What happened to the John Houston Film Grant? I was admitted to that Grant program where a choosen few were admitted to the "new Film Major" at Bennington College. The only reason for me attend that collage. The money was taken away, with no explanation… I gave up hope and was fortunate enough to Transfer to the Eugene Lang Collage at the New School for Social Research. Where I discovered academics. I am actially angry at having my hopes dashed on the program that was The John Houston Grant. For no explanation, cancelled. Then Bennington
    "College" reverted to being well known to be the school with a Dressed to Get laid" policy. If you love your children/child don't make the mistake of sending them off to Bennington just because it is the only Collage they could get into or entered into because acceptance was based on their abilitiy to pay full tuition. Mark these words…
    just about anywhere else is far more desirable than destroying and mis- consturing ambition… for want, as oppose to , success.

  22. Six hours of television's 'popular' programming a day – reality shows, applause machine comedies, shoot 'em up cop shows – plus local TV news as information, will do the job. Today's masses don't read, they stare, they tweet, they facebook. All part of the 'manufacturing consent' machine

  23. All the people who go on an in about the Rothschild and Illuminati bullshit should just read Chomsky to learn about the actual conspiracy going on and stop wasting time on nonsense. Trust me, the truth is much more disturbing and depressing.

  24. Classics for masses are replaced by movies and sports; people don't thinks and keep bringing money back to corporations

  25. Mr. Chomsky speaks as though he's from Canada.  Where corporate lobby groups and "PACS" can't contribute to political parties.  Except, interestingly, when it comes to the federal Liberal Party of Canada and the provincial Liberal Party of Ontario (both eminently bribable).  Canada: where they have universal health care, old age security, guaranteed annual income, Canada Pension Plan for all workers, and public colleges and universities with low costs compared to similar schools in the USA.  Yep, Mr. Chomsky is sounding more like a Canadian than an American.  Why?  Because Canadians care about each other.

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