Cork, Ireland – UNESCO Learning City Awardee 2015

community accessibility and celebration if we take community forest we see our city is a learning community from small local groups who make jewelry up to the higher education Institute's carcass a community of learning manifested in the activities showcased in a week long life long learning festival throughout the year each year since 2004 many people have taken part in this festival from all sides of the communities within Park so you have people who may never have been involved in events before no looking forward to taking part in some form of learning in the city and that's what we like about it there's also other types of communities for us you have different groups within the city like health groups social welfare groups education bodies each community themselves but are more integrated now in the work they do under a learning city type of banner our second ward would be accessibility and if we rethink our its characterizes our city where access to learning is available for all ages and our types of learning most recently we had a memorandum of understanding signed between the three major education bodies and the City Council where they endeavor to support access to education for all within the city that was a good milestone for us in identifying issues and having them supported by the education institutions and the City Council a tour group toured ward for us would be celebration maybe it's awards of not seldom used in education we like to focus on celebration because we think particularly when we have a festival people need to celebrate what they have achieved throughout the year in their various organizations be there the smallest community group to the largest firms people it gives them a sense of purpose and that celebration also brings in their part of a larger body which is a learning City manifested in a festival every year you

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