Coricancea City Of Gold Peru 9 Education, Quipu Record keeping, Temple of Sun Astrologers

The Inka temple was replaced by the Dominican Church.There is just a little piece of the temple of the moon over there. Just from here the size of the gates and underneeth the center. Here is missing more that 50% of the temple.Very Sunny. Three meters the size of the gate this temple was about 8 m tall. Horses were brought by the Spanish. Inka did not have horses before. The Sun. The Sun coming inside. From the window. This is a new floor, 1970 floor. The Sun is coming in and there will be a pillar of rock over here. This was an astronomical device.The sun coming to the pillar of rock and there were channels around. And the astronomers will measure the projection of the shadow. But at the night they still have the portion of the sky to study.Positions of the stars. One of the most important constellations here is south of cross …. That appears on the south east rise beginning of May. On the Sun sets South Star is on the upper part of this site. Now in the temple in those niches were statues, amber bronze, sea-shelves, quartz, turquoise., Sea-shelves and quartz were precious stones for our people. Gold and silver it was s synonym of political power. It did not have economical value. But of course they have that beautiful outfit with a lot of julery. They have large chest plates to show how powerful they were. That would be probably the luck of the Inka over here.. That’s a recreation made with the story from documents. That is the outfit with The cup and The belt Those we call kusmans or kapus. Here we go with the education of the past. The schools of the past we name.gacha yoasca And it was the schools for the children of the nobility. Common citizen they did not go to the school. They just learn from the experience. For example the grand-father was doing that type of work. That was the job of the boys for that family for generations. Other schools learned the building of these clothes patterns. Also other schools they learned quipu.Quipu is recording system. On a long string, hanging cords with knots. we had We had 1200 different knots. The want to learned that were chaster and the masters the runners, who run to give information.from one village to another. So all those were destroyed, there are not last one.

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