Copyright Clarified for Australian Higher Education

Copyright law provides a balance between
rewarding creators for any original works and ensuring reasonable access by
students to those works. Works published in any format whether on the Internet, in
hard copy or in any other medium are protected by copyright. How much of a work can be reproduced
for your studies varies depending on the type of work it is. If you’re not sure,
check the UNSW copyright websites. UNSW library has licensing agreements with
publishers so that the resources are available for students to use online for
study and assessment. The library can help you find the ones for your content.
You’ve probably noticed sections of the Copyright Act displayed near photocopiers
and printing areas in the library. Remember, these same provisions still apply to works wherever you are using them. This also includes the ethical use
of course materials provided to you during your studies at UNSW. Uploading
and sharing this material without permission is illegal. When using the university’s systems, any illegal
conduct which breaches copyright will be treated as student misconduct under the
Acceptable Use of UNSW ICT Resources. So when you do use other people’s works you
have to make sure you acknowledge those sources in your assessable work. Make
sure to check your course outlines for how to correctly attribute your sources.

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