Coping with Shyness – Instant Life Lessons: Ep. 7

do you like to blend into the woodwork then you might be suffering from shyness setting up a mannequin to look like you while hiding in plain sight by dressing up like a potted plant is a classic manifestation of social anxiety or what stupid people refer to as shyness whoa how'd that get there looks like someone's not so shy after all instant life lessons with dr. Dewey Pfister today's lesson coping with shyness hello I'm dr. Julie Pfister shyness afflicts the weakest 1% of the population but it can be pretty annoying to the rest of us as well so we might as well try to solve it my own wife who I love dearly battle shyness every day mommy's not shy daddy she's in a coma there's no such thing as a coma son it's a made-up condition created by the hospital bed manufacturing Lobby you're just shy aren't you sweetie aren't you sweetie oh I need you be a man huh you're right son it's time to go over these three proven steps to overcome shyness step 1 self division do you avoid eye contact at all cost does being in the spotlight make you sweat does even the thought of speaking to the opposite sex initiate a nervous group event these are all classic signs of cowardice otherwise known as shyness but once you recognize this ridiculous flaw you will unlock the power to defeat it doesn't that sound great being shy is really just telling the world you don't like yourself so why not become someone else using a process called self division create a new you this new you can be everything the old you is in this spice it up step to inner strength training trying for the new you to whip the old you into shape so you can be the you you've always wanted you to pay for you confused good stop thinking and start feeling the new exciting version of you needs to toughen up the old shy pathetic you wet do this step 3 ego resolution it's great that your imagined persona helped you not be such a but you can't go through life with two personalities it's time for the old you to retake control in a psychological fund a dome to use enter only one you leads congratulations good good come here and give mommy a kiss son I feel like we're living in a nightmare oh hang on to that feeling son we'll talk about it in the next episode goodbye everyone wave goodbye honey good job this has been instant life lessons with dr. Dewey Pfister click subscribe for more life lessons instantly side note other successful uses of myself division technique have been documented in many notable films such as psycho Fight Club Youth in Revolt The Machinist primal fear me myself and Irene identity mr. Brooks mrs. Doubtfire Tootsie the three faces of Eve the seven faces of dr. Lao secret window and best of all Robocop

43 thoughts on “Coping with Shyness – Instant Life Lessons: Ep. 7”

  1. I am pathologically inhibited from talking to humans.
    But, I'm a misanthrope, and I have minor anthropophobia, so I'm fine!

  2. Wow… In shy and I have a ton of friends (guys to) but in just shy around new people and I actually wanna be more shy… Is that weird

  3. I have social anxiety, and if you yourself had it, you'd know it's not just shyness. It's ruining my life. I am terrified to interact with people. I like most of your videos but this really hurt me and put me in tears.

  4. Confused by this video ?
    So you doesn't need to go to an hospital !
    But if you like this video,
    You'll be like 229,712 people !
    But only until you'll suscribe.

  5. Great info, If you would like to know the Three Things You Should Never DO to end shyness check out my vid and channel. 

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