Coopers "Master of the Brewniverse" competition

hi everybody welcome to fast homebrew Cooper's have a competition going called master of the Brewers I guess so into that one I and here's the website with all the details a bit of a video there explaining how you get to go to space no you get your beer brewed by Cooper's if you win and it's available in den movies stores which so you can buy it and also you get a whole carton oh no a whole pallet of you got a lot of beer anyway this is the entry prompt so just pretend to pull out my details here but I attempts and conditions yeah yeah I'm not allowed to share the recipe it just in case I win so here's my ingredients except it's actually a like a dragon because I can't tell you what I'm making because well obviously I'm gonna win so I guess I guess kippers when I keep that a secret for themself and it becomes their intellectual property or something but anyway typical brew day although I got my pot and what are we goin gradients going in mystery ingredients stir them around a bit there we go brewing brewing bring oh gosh baby appears on the counter there eating at Madonna get rid of him and we got enough hops going in lots of ups and oh dear good thing I was wearing that helmet okay Oh done right as I said typical Brit a pastime brace here we are with my big I have to the shed and this is going to ferment for a couple of weeks with his friend there okay that might have been my smash but anyway there I made this quite a while ago yeah yes I yep that's going to firm it there at like 19 or 20 degrees for a couple of weeks and time passes class guy by the moon Sun comes up goes down right it's bottling day so bottle by beer of course and yep filling her up that's the last bits coming out so some of the roses that you have to use Cooper's ingredients and things and there's rules about ham what proportion of it has to be and it's basically you got to make you could do a mini mash but you gotta basically make a kid based be it for this one so just give me this a taste and bubbling their samples always so stupid weird say not judging on that one more time passes was in the bottles and now it's time to enter the actual competition so go back to the website here fill in my details write down my name and got to select how what my level of expertise is there and I just put it I fit it and now I'm selecting what I'm sleeping here oh yeah that's the style that I'm telling them that it is and there's the submit button but why would I pay $20 entry fee if I haven't even tried the thing so here is my here is my bed and I'll give it a bit of taste so let's see what we wait a minute that's not what I wanted to make okay maybe I rethink the style so it was gonna be one of those maybe it's more like one of those yeah no maybe it's maybe it's more like this guy here and maybe it's just me good you know what I'm not really happy with the way this turned out so I'm just going to watch the Tour de France and save $20 and not enter the competition but what was I going to make well here I am and it is Galacta per extract de perso hi everybody open faster they are making galactic birth my arms are sore extractor / which is going to be my entry was going to be my entry into Cooper's master of the universe competition it is made from two of these pail kits some WOD remote that's 300 grams of dark crystal 150 of kara Munich well Munich I think Kara meanie community and a lot of galaxy hops yes I 5 yeast and like a dragon yep so what I've tried to do here is sort of recreate my favorite beer galactica as a kipper I'm doing it as a toucan actually and yeah I'm trying to keep in mind a couple of things like that I'm guessing that Cooper's are going to want to make a recipe of the month out of this so that's why I'm using these quantities of of grains and things because it's it's not unlike say for example the the vintage our recipe of the month when that comes out and I'm using similar methods to that so that's gonna steep there for half an hour at like 70 degrees or whatever and that bits done now so I'm gonna pull that out and give it a little bit of a badge I think yep there's kiddo Spidy Spidy spanish badge and yeah so far so good so that's going to go on to the heat and it's gonna cut to borrow while I eat my sandwich yummy okay now I've got some galaxy hops so often you get like 25 gram bags with the recipe of the month so I'm putting 25 grams into one and 50 grams into another 25 is going to boil for however long that is 20 minutes 25 grams it's going to boil for 20 minutes and that's going okay so while that is happening I'm gonna prepare the rest of it and this is my my cans doing the old sink hot water trick to make them nice and runny so that they can they can be poured nicely into the fermenter which I'm guessing and doing hey can i play okay and into the committee guy there's number one there's number two so as I said it's at a can these these are both um obviously the same thing which is hopped and better than everything this is the light dry malt going in as well and oh yeah the old hot water trick into the can give it a stir and look bit of gunk on the spoon there give it a stir with the hot water to clean up the can so that you get all the last little bits of goodness out yeah that's number one number two going in and then attempt to stir what is basically concrete at the bottom because there's hardly any water have him thinking that's a good in fact I couldn't take a gravity sample because of the chunks Rob this is 50 grams going in and that is going to steep and I reckon this is where I went wrong that's gonna stay for 20 minutes so the problem with the beer was that it was way too bitter and didn't have any aroma I was hoping that the Steep would add enough aroma but it just didn't I think it just made it more bitter so I was gonna enter this as American IPA which is what collector is but I was thinking maybe it could be a strong bitter but then I looked at the style guidelines and it was just way too bitter for that as well and you know it's not it's not awful I'm gonna drink it on a tip of that or anything but just what I'm proud of it so I decided yeah against entering in the competition anyway that's 22 and a half litres bottling day I had another half a liter I use us a five and one of the kit yeasts in this this is getting 17 grams of yeast in total because that's a little repackaged 10 gram us oh five for some reason and is that everything done yep that's it done well bit of a disappointment I think I don't think I won't give this a go again maybe I will yeah maybe I'll try and do it properly next time and not compromise with the techniques and the amount of hops and things like that so thanks ray good luck to everyone else's entered master of the brood

5 thoughts on “Coopers "Master of the Brewniverse" competition”

  1. Cooling a bit (< 80 degrees) before steeping might've helped. But ehhh, you saved $20 and you learned some things.

  2. Could have worked out a bit less bitter if you used the un-hopped cans of goop? Can of tommy coopers Light and can of amber with a steep of choc and med xstal has a beutiful redish / amber colour. Just add hops to matching style.

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