35 thoughts on “Conversational French Lesson 1”

  1. Why is everyone blinking like a cat?

    Edit: seriously, there is way too much blinking going on in this video, it's distracting

  2. ユニークγͺγ‚’γƒ‹γƒ‘γ¨θ§£γ‚Šγ‚„γ™γ„θͺ¬ζ˜Žγ§θ‰―いですねー(^^)β€¦η§γ„γ€γΎγ§η΅Œγ£γ¦γ‚‚δΈŠι”γ—γͺγ„γ‚“γ§γ™γ‚ˆβ€¦β€¦

  3. Bonjour,I’m learning French (france) because in ballet there is phrases that are French,and I think I’m learning.

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