50 thoughts on “Conversation Skills – Speak with confidence”

  1. This lesson can help us no only to talk to people in English, but in our native language too.

  2. i just want tell you that i really like all your videos and i'd like to thank you for all the efforts that you're doing. i apreciate that

  3. I've watched many of your videos but this one made me laugh like not other one. Something similar happened with me when I was learning English. I was trying to get a penny from my friend to pay something, and I said penis. He almost died laughing, OMG.

  4. well let me tell u something but keep it secret hehehe.U R amazing and so pretty when u teach and explain things ,I think u r extremely capable 2 b on the stage or in Hollywood .so keep on your lessons are so good .

  5. The thing is I love to chat I seriously need to get my words out there. But when it comes to like speeches or like being outgoing or daring or performing or using hand motions or asking weird questions I can't! I feel like someone with judge me, because secretly everyone judges people. So when I don't do these daring things( I'll get hurt!) or performing ( too many people ) or hand motions ( I'm just too stressed to do that ) people assume I'm really shy. Seriously though I could just talk to my friends for hours. HOURS! Help me!

  6. Ronnie, Thank you for this English lesson, it is really interesting the way you take the class. Also the reference- if some one is not making eye contact (during conversation), especially in certain countries North America etc., that gives a little bit of information about the culture, their culture, nice. Expect more and more such lessons.. Thank you, once again.

  7. Hello Ronnie, I have question about those two phases ' Be on time' and 'be in time'. what is the between?

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