Contacting the NSW Department of Education

– [Woman] How to ask a
question, make a complaint, provide feedback, or a compliment to the New South Wales
Department of Education. We value our relationships with parents, carers, and families,
and we want all students to be happy and thrive at school. But we know that sometimes,
things may not go as you thought they would. So if you want to ask us a
question, provide feedback, make a complaint, or tell us
if we have done something well, we’d like to know as soon as possible. How to contact us: first,
contact your child’s school. Not all schools are the same. Your child’s teacher is often
the best place to start. In primary school, this will be your child’s classroom teacher. In high school, you
can contact the teacher or head teacher of a specific subject, or the year advisor. If you are unsure who to speak to, the school’s office staff may be able to help find the best person. Sometimes, this may be the principal or another member of the school executive. At other times, this may
be a more senior person at one of our local New South Wales Department of Education offices. The school can provide you
with their contact details. Contacting the school is easy. You can do this in person,
by phone, letter, email, whenever you see the
feedback assist widget, or the complaints and
compliments form on our website. When contacting us, please tell us what you are concerned,
such as what happened, when, who was involved,
and the outcome you seek. We might ask you to do this in writing. If you need help or don’t
understand something, let us know so that we can support you. Most issues are resolved quickly, but if we need more time
to reach an outcome, we will let you know. We will acknowledge
your feedback, question, or complaint within three working days, and aim to provide you a
response within 20 working days. We may respond to your feedback, question, or complaint by taking action
to address the situation, reviewing how we do things, or apologizing and why things happened the way they did. We’ll keep you informed
throughout the process. Sometimes, we may not be able to change what has happened or the decisions made, but we will provide clear
reasons for the outcome reached. If you’re not happy with
the response you receive, you can speak to the
person managing the issue. Sometimes another person
from the New South Wales Department of Education may
review what has happened. They will let you know
what can happen next. If you’re still not satisfied, you can ask an external organization, such as the New South Wales Ombudsman, to review your complaint. We want to work with you to create safe, supportive learning environments, so please contact us if you have feedback, a question, or complaint,
or if you want to tell us about something we’re doing well. Together, we can help
our students connect, succeed, and thrive in public schools. For more information, see
the guide for parents, carers, and students, or our
complaints handling policy, on our website. Visit and search for feedback or complaints.

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