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  1. In the mist of writing a giant personal learning theory paper and this video helped me get the ball rolling! Great video!

  2. Nice video! I would argue that exchanging comments on YT is a "real conversation", though. Imo it's not, because of the disrupted flow. It's limited.

  3. Wow, this is so beautiful. I am a lecturer of Educational Technology and I have found this so interesting.

  4. This is a fantastic video. It's informative, entertaining and your easy to understand. Thank you for taking the time to makie this.

  5. I'm so SAD….I thought I have just found the ideal elementary school for my kid…and NOOOOOOO…my husband and I learnt in a traditional system….& we know for sure we have learnt so much from the reality…the "terrible jobs", bad experiences in our own businesses..and of course…googling in blogs, wikipedia, images, and YOUTUBE…I have learnt soooo much and i am very grateful..and I reallyl wanted a constructivist school…but they have FAILED US…I live in MOnterrey, Mexico..and NO MATTER how much YOU PAY…they tell you….in the reality..they are not really interested in the good of the children…just MEMORIZATION and LOTS of HOMEWORK…they entice you..and what? you pay enrollment, uniforms, books, first two months tuition…and ….to get WHAT..yes..the average…traditional, super outdated system…my grandfather Miguel…was soooo into this..without any knowledge…just 6th grade traditional elementary school but…9 kids to feed!!!! so he figuered it out how to make the most out of his bad, and sad experiences..he really succeded in whatever he wanted…his motivation…THE NEEED TO KNOW more..every day..and to feed and provide a better life and nutrition for his children…well thanks to Granddad MIguel…I am who I am..and..for my kid…welll..Homeschooling perhaps?

  6. This is great! I'm a college professor and often use the Sir Ken Robinson video. I am definitely using this with my teacher education undergrads!

  7. Very encouraging!! It is also inspiring to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for student like me. Thank you. Hopeful! Wan'e

  8. Great video. I am a college professor in a class on learning theories, and I'll definitely be using this in class. Thanks for posting it.

  9. Good video. I just didn't like the fact that you failed to recognized that MEXICO is part of North America and not South America. Other than that!! I think you were able to give a great explanation of constructivism. 

  10. I enjoyed the presentation, thank you. When we look at learning I believe we must not forget that a 5 year old is not a seven year old, and a nine year old is not a 13 year old etc. I'm still a great believer in differentiated teaching and learning methods for different ages. Older children (13 years plus) benefit much more from multimedia use than young children who really need story and concrete (3D not 2D) operations to help them understand. I am also passionate about how we educate children's hearts. A video can be seen here Educating the Heart – The forgotten essential in teaching and learning

  11. Maybe you are actually describing a Social Constructivist process! Perhaps a Biologist has something to say about physical development, can comment on observations about the way the observed children made sense of th world, but let us not think that this alone will help teachers understand teh complexities of classroom learning that inevitably involve a relational element! This even happens on the internet with learning communities and indeed the meaning making that is happening here

  12. Oh wow! That's so cool! I am sorry my voice sounds so sickly, I had a nasty cold when I recorded it. I'm glad I could help. I am in my last year of a Bachelor of Education: History Concentration in Vermont USA. Its so cool that we could help each other from across the world! Have a lovely day and good luck with your degree!

  13. I'm a uni student in Australia studying Bachelor of Education and a group used this as a podcast in their presentation and I was very happy with the JG references 🙂 that's for making this video and then making my day.

  14. Thanks! 😀 Well I was thinking along the lines of famed world wide explorers. And the fact that Columbus was a little nuts and truly believed he had made it around the world fit my thinking better for this video. next time my dear. 😀

  15. I was really sad when you weren't drawing Samuel de Champlain but then I was really happy because this is an excellent video.

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