Construction Vehicles – Trucks & Equipment – The Kids' Picture Show (Fun & Educational)

38 thoughts on “Construction Vehicles – Trucks & Equipment – The Kids' Picture Show (Fun & Educational)”

  1. List: Bulldozer Excavator Loader Backhoe loader Trencher Crane Cement truck/Cement mixer/Concrete truck/ Concrete mixer Dump Truck Asphalt paver Road Roller

  2. bulldozer excavator loader backhoe loader trencher crane concrete mixer dump truck asphalt paver road roller

  3. Can you do Construction vehicles 2: Scraper Grader Hammer Excavator Demolition Crane Mining Truck Miling Machine Compactor And Skid Steer

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  5. im a colllege student, exam tomorrow, and here i am watching this. so helpful, but need a more in depth explanation of how it suppose to work.

  6. Deere generic
    Link-Belt generic
    JCB generic
    Deere generic
    Link-Belt generic
    Link-Belt generic
    1977 Volvo FH12
    1983 Peterbilt 379
    JCB generic
    Hamm/Bomag generic

  7. why floor is invisible next time add dirt or something because land vehicles floating dont make sense

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