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  1. watching this made me realise singers have their own flow and ad libs similar to in rap
    Wonder if conor could do a non ironic song ft migos that works?

    Raindrops, drop tops (drop top) 
    Smokin' on cookie in the hotbox (cookie) 
    Fuckin' on your bitch she a thot, thot, thot .

  2. Elliott’s Ghost ? 💔
    Conor I absolutely adore you. I’m stuck on your mind and would travel around the world to get a chance to shake your hand. To thank you for all you’ve spoken, sung and the beautiful music you’ve brought into this world.
    Just hoping you’ll read this one day and hopefully you’ll see/know deep down in your beautifully tortured heart that you were never alone in your feelings. You always had me, feeling better, empathizing with your pain and suffering. Beauty has come from the things you went through. The way your life went. Although I don’t know your exact pain I do feel that you know my pain. My respects and sad heart goes out to you Conor. My imaginary friend, Forever ♾
    I promise. I’m here for you.. if you want or need.

  3. I had a wish as a young man to be a better writer than you. You were it. The one i wanted to be as good as.

  4. Hemingway? lol. Yes, I guess your lives are similar. Fabricated and closeted, children of the peers playing make believe. However you admit this in almost every song; unfortunately the goyim are fast asleep. Love your music, hate the lies.

  5. It's common knowledge that instahax0r is the only functioning instagram hack tool, and yes it should be apparent to every one that this video is fake as hell! You can get instahax0r on google 🙂

  6. this is how I use all my 4 gig lol totally what better way than Con? check out his cover btw papa was a rodeo!

  7. from the land of music videos, there is beauty in thought of twenty twenty-four and a lack in desire for outward appearance – regarding hairstyles at least, for me, that was sometime in the late nineties, branded – as well as the reveal that saddle creek might be nothing more than a warner bros affiliate, proving and providing i suppose, all the importance of glassjaw and so then maybe the reveal is on finding the character-form version of sylvester the cat for tweety to arienette and hilarity concerning jeff and wilco

  8. Conor I'd like to thank you for booking a show at The Paper Tiger here in San Antonio, Texas. It's been quite a while since I saw you play in Omaha, NE. I heard the news last night from a bar tender at The Mix. a Bar across the street from The Paper Tiger here on St.Mary's Street. Just letting you know I will be there along with as many people I can drag along to come. It was an honor to watch you grow up in Omaha through your bands wherever I saw you at The Cog, Sokol Hall or where ever through your bands like Commander Venus, Solo stuff, or Bright Eyes. I never got to see you play in The Desaparecidos when I lived in Omaha for the 26yrs. I was there. Well Cheers and thanks for booking the show. San Antonio is kind of an untapped market for music I hope you take the time to check the scene out on youtube before you come. I suggest a band called "War On Sunday" also a musician named Ila Minori is pretty amazing I've known Erica almost since I got here from Omaha 4yrs. ago.

  9. i could be wrong but this is the antithesis to eminem rapping about only getting "one shot" on about predestination and plans and paths, a spouse selected at birth, that not hitting on the correct note at the right moment makes all the rest of life meaningless and nihilistic, a million dead bodies aimlessly roaming space

  10. He hasn't uploaded a You Tube video for 2 years. Doesn't he understand that You Tube channel statistics are somehow related to your talent and/or worth?

  11. The setting and concept of this video appear to be simillar to that of One Direction's Perfect music video .

  12. Wonderful message…and your style of singing is so pleasant to listen to. You remind me of Jim Croce.

  13. another good one +conoroberst … I've always let myself interpret your lyrics in a personal way, which is maybe how you'd prefer, this one in particular seemed an easy connection… But then again, it seems you never release a song that I can't relate to without relative ease… so thanks for that man… As long as you keep making music I'll listen brother

  14. I know it's insane to come to this Conor Oberst video and advertise my own music but if you want to go to my channel and listen to it then do it 

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