Connecting Kids to Education Right From the Start

What if connecting kids living in poverty
to a brighter future also helped Wisconsin to break the cycle of generational poverty
and unemployment and reduce the cost of government assistance programs? If this is possible,
can we afford not to try? Did you know that a good early childhood education
can help close the academic achievement gap between students living in poverty and their
higher income peers even before formal schooling begins? During the first few years of life,
a child’s brain is making trillions of new connections. By age 5, nearly 90 percent of
a child’s brain has already developed. This amazing and critical stage in a child’s
life happens only once so we can’t afford to miss this once-in-a-lifetime-chance to
help these kids thrive. StageW believes that by harnessing the wisdom
and experience of the world’s best early childhood education centers it’s possible
to boost the prospects of low income kids living in Wisconsin while also boosting our
state’s economy at the same time. W-Alive envisions partnerships with these institutions
that establish onsite and online training centers to share and certify best practices.
This would enable daycare operators to offer improved care, increase their YoungStar ratings
and qualify for consideration for public/private partnerships with public schools now able
to offer early childhood education cost effectively. We envision partnerships with healthcare providers
offering support and resources to children of low income families that promote early
leaning; partnerships with faith-based organizations so entire communities are engaged in supporting
the education of parents and their young children and; partnerships with technology companies
so they can offer a variety innovative mobile and online guides and prompts that encourage
a rhythm of early learning. StageW believes it’s possible to lift the
quality of early childhood education in Wisconsin and our state’s economic performance simultaneously. If you like our ideas, or want to contribute to them, share your feedback in the comments
section below or at And, please like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter
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best solutions to the complex social issues that are dividing Wisconsin. When you share your voice,
you help us bring WisconsinAlive™ and make living here better for all of our residents.

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