ConnecDucation (Connecting Education & Business) – наша ідея для Red Bull Basement University

Hi everyone! We are IASA students and we have a great idea to present! The idea is aimed to solve the greatest problem of educational system of Ukraine that unfolds in questions of almost every Ukrainian student: “For what purpose I’m learning all that stuff? How am I going to apply it in future?” Namely because of this we have a strong desire to create an online system, that will connect real business, with its real-life problems, with students education at university. So what do we have? On the one hand there are numerous super-energetic students desperately searching for actual topics for research. On the other hand there are lots of companies striving to innovate with the help of original ideas. Overall, the system crux is quite simple: students describe their sphere of interests and direction they would like to evolve in. Companies submit the application with descriptions of their problem and students, required for its solution. And we develop an algorithm to help business and students find each other at the highest level of efficiency! Support the innovations in Ukraine – vote for our idea 😉 !

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