Confessions of an Online Yoga Teacher

hi guys welcome to this very special video this is confessions of an online yoga teacher I think you probably have an idea of what it's like to be just a regular yoga teacher but to teach yoga online is quite a different ballgame and there is so much behind-the-scenes that happens that the viewer doesn't really get to know about and I always get a bunch of questions and a bunch of emails from so many of you who are also yoga teachers and want to start a yoga YouTube channel because I think it looks really glamorous it looks really fun which it is but glamour is not so much I thought you know what maybe I should show people and tell people what it's really like to be an online yoga teacher let's begin with YouTube and the environment of YouTube so I will say that the yoga community online is for the most part awesome for the most part people are very positive and kind and supportive of one another very laid-back and the majority of the comments that I get on my videos are all positive now because we are online you will attract a certain kind of person I have had to ban quite a few people from my channel there are a lot of creeps online who comments just the worst just the worst worse things on your yoga videos so – my yoga teachers who want to start a YouTube channel be aware you're gonna get a lot of disgusting comments a lot of my time spent filtering through comments on YouTube and deleting the disgusting ones I can't even tell you how many foot-fetish comments I get that seems to be all the rage so you know thank you to all the men out there who think I have beautiful feet please stop commenting about it though just just don't keep it to yourself there are so many Yogi's who are just completely against the idea of doing yoga online like it just gets them riled up they think I'm doing something that is unethical kind of things that their yoga is the only yoga and their way is the right way and if you do something else then you know you're wrong you're in the wrong so if you're thinking about starting an online YouTube channel just be aware those people are out there they're annoying I don't get along with them very well I hate it I hate it moving on let's move to the positive side by far the best decision I have ever made in my entire life is to start a YouTube channel connecting with you people from all over the world has been amazing and I get emotional if I think about it because it's just a fantastic and humbling experience I know that some of you you know either you do my classes because maybe you're not comfortable going to a yoga studio in your hometown you don't feel like you're going to be accepted there or maybe the closest yoga studio is two or three hours away if you live in a small community I have people from all over the world who contact me on a daily basis to tell me why they choose to do yoga with me and it always moves me to my core that is the reason that I teach yoga online my advice to other youtubers or other teachers who are thinking of becoming youtubers you really need to figure out why you want to do this once you're in this YouTube world things get a little muddy it gets a little weird money gets involved so this is one thing that I was not necessarily prepared for I thought that being on YouTube would just be something I would do for fun but over time over the last you know I've been doing this for about two years now it has slowly evolved into kind of a business for me right so I sell online products services and all that kind of stuff and it's beautiful and it's grown and I absolutely love it but be really careful when you're just starting out you guys have no idea how many emails I get every single week from brands that want to sponsor my videos or to be my affiliate and when you're new and just broke and struggling it's really attractive and it's very very tempting to jump on all of them and I really had to do a lot of inner self reflection to decide do I really want to do so many sponsored posts on my channel I only have a couple and the ones that I do choose to work with are ones that I completely 100% endorse and love and believe you should know I get I'd say probably half a dozen emails every single week of brands that want to sell stuff to you through me and it's a very strange world to be in so just be aware of that moving on to the production side of things when I first started my youtube channel I had no equipment I had no idea what I was doing and I didn't own a microphone or like a good camera I certainly didn't have a videographer to film and edit my videos know what I used was a cell phone and not this new cell phone it was an old cell phone Asst two years ago and it was a crappy cell phone and I would just prop it up on some blocks hit record and run to the other side of the room and start doing yoga and my phone could only record for 11 minutes at a time so after 10 minutes unless I forgot of course I had to rush back to my camera stop it see where it had stopped recording and then press record again and try to catch up and do it all over again it was a freaking nightmare but you know what I learned so much while I was doing that and there's a lesson in there who was always contacting me I want a YouTube channel I want to do this I want to do that but I don't have enough equipment I don't have I don't have any experiences those are excuses and I'm sorry I'm being very blunt about that but I really really truly believe that it's an excuse you don't need fancy equipment to start your YouTube channel just grab your phone like I did if you look at my first videos they are so embarrassing they are so poorly done it was a hot mess but it's a journey it's a progress two years later I'm now in a much better setup so some people have been asking me do I still film and edit all of my classes myself do I have a team working for me so I don't have a team working for me I would love to have one I'm in the process of recruiting some interns to help me out with a social media aspect of running this business and I have started using a videographer who's been filming some of my newer content like right now this is just me filming with a camera on a tripod and most I would say maybe 80% of my videos on my youtube channel are filmed with that camera but I do have someone now that helps with it even though I still have a videographer it's very difficult for me to relinquish control on things I it's like I complain all the time about hating filming and hating editing and then when someone else does it I don't like it either I want to be the one who does it so that's always been a bit of a struggle for me is just letting go and letting other people do what they do best right now I have someone it's working really well I've used a couple different videographers in the past for some of my newer stuff so I would say at this point in time it's about 50/50 so 50% of it is filmed and edited myself and the other half for like the last maybe two months or so has been done by other companies and I haven't necessarily just stuck with one person so it's been a couple different people that have been helping me with that so we will see how that gets along speaking of production you guys have no I dear how many tears I've cried after trying to film some videos so the way that I do things I schedule one two to shoot days a month so that means you know once a month I will book a studio so I have to pay to rent a studio and now I use a videographer so I have to pay for someone to film and edit and all that all that stuff so for one whole day I'll try to film as many videos as I possibly can now for a long time I was just doing this by mic by myself so I would rent a studio and I just bring my camera and bring my tripod bring my little microphone and I film so when you're trying to be in front of the camera and behind the camera it can either go smoothly or it can just blow up in your face and make you hates everything about life and that has happened to me so many times I can't even tell you how many times I've gotten home after like an exhausting day of filming like six yoga videos only to look back at the footage and realize that my camera stopped recording halfway or my microphone wasn't properly put into my vest so there is wrestling noise the entire time and the footage is unusable it is a freaking nightmare so so many classes I've spent so much time and money on filming in the trash they will never see the light of day and that to me is the most discouraging part of it like my poor boyfriend has just had to comfort me so many times because I come home for a long day of filming and just like tears are streaming down my face because I realize that everything I've done that day is just complete garbage and unusable it sucks so I figured hey I don't want to keep going through this all the time I'll get a videographer I'm gonna hire people to help me out and film with content and can I just tell you that hiring videographers been a nightmare I think I'm cursed I think there's like some kind of voodoo curse that's stuck on me because I mean like knock on wood I don't have any wood around me right now but I have had some of the absolute worst experiences that you could ever possibly have I'm so frustrated with people who dare to call themselves professionals and dare to charge clients money for pure crap pure crap I can't even tell you the amount of times that I've hired someone to film footage for me and edit footage to for me only to get footage that's missing the audio or the camera of shaking the entire time or there's like seven minutes of the video missing in the middle like so so so many times it has fallen apart which is also why it's hard for me to relinquish control even though my current videographers are like stellar and OnPoint and they do such a fantastic job it's taking me a long time to find someone that jived well with me and I've had just some horror experiences and these are some of the things that you guys don't really get to see or hear about but I want to tell you it's not all fun and games it's not always so amazing and great something that you might not know is although I teach YouTube yoga classes I also like to take YouTube yoga classes so I have some of my favorite youtubers too I love to do classes with yoga by Candice I think Candice is awesome I love Leslie fight master done classes with a leak a manova she's really cool definitely check her out and I guess that's it what I think is lacking is a better sense of community I kind of want to start like a committee or a group or something for all the yoga youtubers to get together maybe we can go on a convention somewhere and like film a bunch of videos together I don't know I think that'd be really cool if you're a yoga youtuber and you would like to do this tell me we can set it up it'd be really fun I promise I'm a nice person something else that you might not know about me is that I have definitely injured myself while filming at YouTube yoga class and more than once it's not because the classes I was doing weren't safe it's just because the way I shoot since I fill multiple classes in the same day by the end of that day my body is really tired so it has happened that I've pushed myself a little bit too far and actually injured myself and I think that kind of sucks but I've really been trying to be a lot more careful about it and to space out my shoots a little bit better and not push myself too hard because I'm kind of sick of hurting my body but it definitely has happened before a dirty little secret that you might not know and I don't even know if I want to tell you that because I'm worried you're gonna go try to look for it in my videos but it has happened especially in the yin yoga classes where I accidentally held the post for way longer on one side then I did on the other and what I'll do is I'll just edit that clip that's shorter and I'll just make it longer so I'll make like a 5 second clip lasts for like a minute or something like that I've done it with shavasana as well at the end so if I had only films like 20 seconds of shavasana either because my camera stopped recording or I just didn't have time to do it for longer I'll go edit it and I'll kind of fake it so I'll make it like a minute two minutes or three minutes or whatever it might be so I hope you guys still like me even though I do that but you know why I bet other yoga youtubers do that out there I must not be the only one although maybe I am and maybe I shouldn't have spilled the beans on that I don't know the dumbest thing I have ever done in order to shoot yoga videos I was supposed to have this huge project with this big big big name company and it was like I was so excited for it but anyway it completely fell apart and it didn't go through but in order to do that project I had to film 18 yoga classes and brilliant me was like hey I'll film them all in three days no bad idea bad idea Cassandra don't do that if you're watching and you're a yoga teacher don't do that is done that was probably the worst three day it's a whole life I filmed had to have a total of six hour long practices six 45-minute practices and six 30-minute practices and they were all vinyasa flow can I just tell you that I needed about three weeks to recover from that shoot it was just the worst idea I've ever had like I always do that I always overestimate myself and think oh yeah I know big deal I'm experienced I can totally do you know five year old with classes in a row no I can't I mean I did it I did 18 classes in three days but I just completely ruined myself and then for three weeks I couldn't do anything I had no energy I didn't want to move I didn't want to do yoga I just needed to like watch Netflix and lay down on my couch and do absolutely nothing so never again lesson learned I will not do that ever and they don't recommend it Oh another little secret is that I often very much regret filming the class that I chose the film as I'm filming it a lot of people have been requesting them like an arm balance flow or like a really crazy core class like they want a really good workout right what's hard about teaching is that not only am i doing the class but I also have to freaking like talk while I'm doing it and guide you and appear all calm and chill and Zen and yoga and internally I'm dying and I'm sweating and I'm worried that I'm can see the sweat dripped down me on the camera I'll be filming a class and I have to pause it halfway through to take a break because it's honestly just so hard so the things I do for you guys I'm telling you another side effect of being an online yoga teacher at least for me is that I can never turn my brain off I am constantly thinking of new videos that I want to shoot new concepts new Styles new locations things to do it is always always always running even when I go on vacation I can very rarely step away from YouTube it's not a bad thing because it just shows that I am extremely passionate about what I do I love it I love being on YouTube I love making online yoga classes it's just the best thing ever but I just can't turn my brain off all the time always thinking of new things to do new yoga classes to film new things I want to put on my website new projects I want to launch a new series I want to make available a new this new that the whole thing it's very hard and very exhausting my biggest pet peeve of other youtubers is that they do not respond to their comments as my channel is growing I'm getting more and more and I know that one day it won't be possible for me to answer every single person but at the same time it is my priority and I have made it my priority to thank the people that watch think the people that subscribe I would not have a channel if it wasn't for you I would not have the opportunity to do all these wonderful things that I get to do I've tried to shoot this segment like three times and I keep starting to cry I'm a very emotional person if you didn't know that already I cry at anything so take this with a grain of salt but I really am grateful I've been able to connect with people from all over the world and I'm repeating myself at this point but that's just what happens when I get a little bit emotional my brain turns to mush and I can't think or talk straight but this video has been long enough and I'm an emotional mess now this was supposed to be a light-hearted funny video but it's not like but thank you just deeply I appreciate every single one of you I hope you enjoyed this video bye guys

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  1. Dear Kassandra! Thank you sooo nuch fur this sincere and emotional video! It is so beatiful to see real people on youtube, people who don't show something that is theatre, but share their way and their experience and their life! I think, not important what one does, this is the most important thing that one can contribute to the world! So I was very touched by you becoming emotional at the end, because it's a real person filming this video, not a robot! And we learn all from you! I do your classes at home and also you inspire me for my lessons, for which I have a big plan and a big dream! Big hug! And continue to be, who you are, you are beautiful! =))) (And about foot fetish was very funny! hahaha!) =)))

  2. I love you so much, Kassandra! I love your honesty, your sense of humor, your emotional self, your passion!! I'm tearing up with you too, haha!!! I've been doing yoga for almost 4 years, and you're one of my favorite teachers ever!! You have inspired me SO MUCH, girl!!! I'll be doing my first 200YTT in August-September. I'm SO HAPPY, this is a big calling from my heart and soul!!

    thank you wholeheartedly for the gift that you are…please keep growing and flourishing so beautifully :') Namasté!!

  3. You are a sweetheart .. I respect your honesty & I think it’s a good thing u do for yourself to adjust the video to your needs!

  4. I teared up as well when you got emotional! I have been wanting to start a Yoga YouTube Channel myself for a while now and hearing your honest experience makes IT a lot easier bc of course i am afraid of trolls perverts or narrow minded people commenting but watching your passionate was of talking about your job makes my Heart jump😍 thank you for sharing your wisdom and humanity with me💓

  5. please keep going on online classes. we really love you so much. Me and my wife doing every morning yoga with you, and you are really like a family member of us. we look forward for your new classes. greetings from Turkey.

  6. Thank you so much for what you do! I teach yoga in a studio and when I practice at home I like to do online videos so I can turn my brain off. I’ve paid for online yoga classes and cancelled them, I always come back to your videos! You seem like someone I could be friends with in real life, you have a great variety of videos, and are just an incredible yoga teacher! Thank you thank you 🙏

  7. You know how some days, you get up and the universe is just like, "You need some inspiration today so you know that you're dreaming about/working on/planning for the right stuff," and then it dumps a big bucket of it all over you? I'm having a day like that (and it's not even 6 a.m. yet!) I love Lesley Fightmaster, too! I'm planning on taking YTT from her in April 2020. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. I love you so much Kassandra! Absolutely enjoyed this video to the core. You are so real and raw with your confessions, yet still the same beautiful soul in all your yoga videos that I hang out with every week. Do you know how freaking cool that is!? You hang out with me (and all these folks) all the time, and I feel like I know you in this intimate, “doing yoga naked at home or in my favorite sweater” kind of way, as well as you helping me to sequence my own classes to teach week after week, yet we’ve never met!! Its so rad, tho bizarre I’m sure for you, haha! For years now you have been favorite FAVORITE online yoga teacher. Not just your awesome sequences, soothing voice, perfect cues, but because of YOU. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into making yoga free and accessible to so many. You are a gem of a human. Hoping one day our paths cross in the non-cyber world! And I’m looking so so forward to doing your yin teacher training next year. Blessings to you Kassandra!❤️

  9. Thanks for all you do Kassandra! I really appreciate all of your hard work, and your humor. You’re channel is one of my favorites to practice with. Take care and all the best! Andrea

  10. What a sweetheart you are! I’ve done a couple of your videos & now I’ll try to do more! I’d love to join your Facebook group if I could have the link please! ☮️❤️🙏🏽

  11. please call me i have numbers of clients for u sanjeev delhi india ok my mobile number is 91-8368298358 and 8826421039

  12. Thanks Kassandra ! I have a newfound appreciation for your videos now after understanding the amount of effort, sweat and tears that go into them. Even though we live within a stones throw from a studio, my GF and I still prefer practicing yoga with your videos as it allows us a much more targeted practice, which is important for us being both runners and cyclists. Doing our practice with your videos is a twice weekly routine for us, and is something we’re always looking forward to, so please keep up the awesome work and Thank You !

  13. OMG girly filming up to six videos a day? Those where all workouts! Good for you, I'm sure you feel great besides all that goes with the filming.

  14. You spoke from your heart which makes this video so beautiful. For me you are best yoga teacher online. I am learning so much from you. Every instruction and step is clearly explained in almost every video. 🙂

  15. It was great to watch this video. My husband and I teach Yin Yoga on Youtube and have so much fun doing it. We have had many of the problems you have described, although we do not have very many viewers yet. We hope to someday have as many as you do. You are an inspiration keep it up!

  16. dont worry kassandra about other peoples opinions. online yoga is benefite in a lot of ways. i cant afford yoga classes every month, i know i wont meet new people but it saves money and time.

  17. I relate to every single one of the things you said; the feeling you get connecting to people from all over, never shutting the mind off always thinking of new things to do. The crying after realising that your videos are all going to trash. And killing yourself trying to shoot so many videos!! I took the vow to offer yoga in my mother tongue where it is still not widely available if at all. And it is so heartwarming and emotional to read peoples comments. Its still small but surprisingly jumping recently! Super happy to see this as i pretty much started like you!

  18. Thank you for being so transparent. It is hard to do that online, but it does make me appreciate you even more.

  19. I love this video, Kassandra, you're so humble and pleasant! I've been practicing yoga for several years, here in France, only with on line teachers. I particularly love your yin yoga sequences with all your precious advices. Thank you for all the work you do for us.

  20. Just watched this video today, and wanted to say thank you! Great tips for YouTube newbies like me! I love your classes, and authentic spirit. I have a lot to learn, but it feels great to have another avenue to share Yoga with the world. I can relate to you, being in a corporate job, while being an entrepreneur. What you have accomplished in such a short time, is something to be so proud of. Thank you for the inspiration! Namaste- Lisa

  21. Could you tell me your secret to time your yin poses, since I dont see any clock neither a timer you have during your video. Thanks for your channel, I fall in love with yin yoga because of your channel.

  22. I'm totally with you about the whole my yoga is the one and only one thing. It's as if they have missed the whole point. "It doesn't matter what brings a person, only what they leave with".Whether it's BUTI, Death Metal, Ashtanga, DDP, Vinyasa… the only thing that truly matters is.. did you connect with the divine? Did you grow? Did you overcome any obstacles? Have you found clarity? There is no one true yoga. Just one true goal. If you have achieved that, then you have done yoga.

  23. Super entertaining yet very informative! Glad you decided to post this for all to learn every facet of having YouTube channel:-)

  24. U r my favourite online yoga teacher. I followed a few and yours is the only one i find a true balance and i love your method.

  25. Kassandra, I want to genuinely thank you for doing what you do. I broke my hip 6 months ago and am totally new to yoga, but was urged to try yin for my recovery. Your “Beginner Yin Yoga” video has been a lifesaver and was the first practice I had ever tried. I’ve since tried a few other beginner videos, but none even come close to yours for my personal needs and abilities(which is why I do that same video almost every day now). You are appreciated and keep doing what you do. (More beginner videos would be awesome too!)

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