Computer Literacy: Nigeria must not be left behind, Senator Aishatu Dahiru tells Senate

we're in the 21st century where the ICT has dominated every aspect of our business social academic and cultural life my distinguished colleagues I believe we can we imagine this modern world now without Twitter Email debunking a governor in government Facebook or YouTube Google Gmail Yahoo and like I believe is unimaginable if it's unimaginable mr. president my distinguished colleagues certainly this age is the age of internet angle urbanization and our citizens should not be left behind our children must be able to compete favorably with the best in the world and in my opinion our children and our adults must be able to be computer literate and not only to stop at being computer literate they must be assistance to acquire to acquire the twenty-firsts needed critically knowledge such as critical thinking creativity media literacy technology literacy communication and delight mr. president my distinguished colleagues for us to achieve this three things have to be in place the first and foremost is that the teachers must have the know-how and the high level of proficiency to integrate the ICT in the attitude secondly we must have our libraries well equipped with computers and thirdly we must have steady path supplies we it's by Sola or otherwise the sir president is any of this tree is missing suddenly this aura States will continue to Linga mr. president my distinguished colleagues haven't supported this motion I want true I want this Senate to emphasize on the implementation and the proper coordination and harmonization of the already existing policies program roadmaps blueprints and plan on the ice on the ICT development and integration in our various schools we don't need to come up with new policies because every policy that we need is already on ground

3 thoughts on “Computer Literacy: Nigeria must not be left behind, Senator Aishatu Dahiru tells Senate”

  1. I wish this killings can visit you people one day in this senator looting house, God hear my prayed guild those killings senator fraud house

  2. Nigeria must not be left behind or Nigeria has already been left behind!! Nigerian president is a cattle literate.Spending billions on cattle settlement when children are out of education.Spending billions on ruga when there is no 24hr.electricity in nigeria.Billions on ruga instead of ICT literacy .He would rather have ruga and cattles roaming the streets of Nigeria instead of ranching.What a country,with bunch of Bush men, cattle herders and illiterates as leaders.Thank you.

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