9 thoughts on “Computer Literacy Lesson #1”

  1. Sorry about the overpowering background music. The music is only loud in lesson one, lesson two is better. When it plays on my sound system in my classroom the background music is almost unheard, which was what I was aiming for in this video. When I watched the video with my headset on, I knew I had made a major mistake, because the background music was simply overpowering. After that time all of my new videos had the background sounds reduced in volume. Check out this video as an example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bqb33dW2WPQ

  2. Thanks for the courtesy of your reply to my somewhat testy comment! I visited some of your later lessons and had decided to correct my impressions. I look forward to using your later lessons – particularly with respect to the Chromebook. Thanks for what appears to be a very well structured basic course – something which has been long needed for non-geeks!!!

  3. As a geriatric I thought I had struck the motherload when I saw your series of lessons on Youtube.. Unfortunately, I am hearing impaired and I am afraid the music provides an efficient noise jammer making it difficult to follow the interesting content of your programmes. I will persist, and try to overcome the frustration!!!

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