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  1. very helpful and finally explained in a way that is neither too complicated nor too superfifcial
    Thank you 🙂

  2. In the future neural gaming interfaces will be output devices you can plug into a computer… probably a quantum computer.

  3. Thanks …please is there any way i can join your online class, that is if you have one at the moment .

  4. 0:42 Toaster (Bread ——> Toast)
    1:06 Computer (2+2 ——> 4)

    1:37 Input Device, sends information of signals into the computer (ex. Mouse, Keyboard, Webcam, Microphone, Scanner,)
    1:57 Output Device (Ex. Monitor 🖥 , Speakers 🔊

    2:55 Computer Tower
    3:13 Inside of The Tower
    Computer Tower Case (Protects inside and keeps it cool)
    Power Supply (Black Box)
    + Take Power From electrical outlet and bring it into the computer

    4:36 MotherBoard, found in the very back 5:43 (Side view)
    4:59 Expansion Slots,
    5:15 Bios Chip. What gets the computer started
    6:28 CPU (Central Processing Unit, in hertz, gigahertz) made by AMD and Intel
    6:58 Heat Sink help keeps CPU chip cool
    7:22 CPU has no memory. This is where the Hardrive comes in. 8:33 Solid State Drive
    8:45 RAM: Short Term Memory (or Random Access Memory)

    9:12 How RAM and The Hardrive relate to each other
    10:32 Bigger the desk, the more things you can multitask. The more storage capacity of RAM, the more you can do at 1 time

    11:14 The Monitor . Needs a video card. Some computers have Integrated Video Cards. Also Sound Cards. Network Cards (usually included with motherboard)

    12:23 CD/Bluray/DVD 💿

    12:37 How do they fit all this in a Laptop?

  5. This was such a professional teaching session, am about to start home studying IT and wanted to start up from the very begnning as i graduated high school 3 years ago but cant afford college so it you recommend any websites videos etc that would help me ill be more than thankful; i am well aware that i will need a certificate or a degree to work in this major i have planned all of that onto a mid long wave but for now any help would be appreciated thank you.

  6. sir i have interest in learning this I.T skills would you going to help me learning the skills

  7. your videos are very nice and educating to everyone on YouTube that have any interest to it.
    once again you are grate in Teaching

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