Completing a Graphic Organizer (Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grades: Newcomer Class)

>>TEACHER: Today’s lesson is going to be very
exciting. Now remember what we did last time we were together? We watched a video. What
was the video about? Who can tell me? Someone? Go ahead.
>>STUDENT 1: “Who is she?”>>TEACHER: “Who is she?” Very good. Very good.
And where is she from, or what were they calling her?
>>STUDENT 2: The Afghan girl.>>TEACHER: The Afghan girl. Very good. That
means she came from Afghanistan. Okay, so we watched the video and in your textbooks
that you have out, you guys also read an article that had to do with this Afghan girl, and
it was titled “Who Is She?” So now that we’ve watched the video and read the article, let’s
get that information that we know about her, and we’re going to do something very fun with
that today. So before we begin that, let’s review the vocabulary. You have seen the vocabulary
a few times already, but let’s review it together. Please, repeat after me. Study.
>>STUDENTS: Study.>>TEACHER: Very good. This is a verb. In past
tense we say studied.>>STUDENTS: Studied.
>>TEACHER: We’re going to use that vocabulary to help us complete a sequence chart. Everybody
has their sequence chart out? Okay, very good. A sequence chart is a chart that helps us
organize order; what happened first, what happened second, what happened third, and
so on. We’re going to write down three major events–I will provide the first one–Event
1, Event 2, and Event 3. The very first thing that we know about this is that in 1985 . . . pause
. . . In 1985, a picture of a young – ooh, what am I missing?
>>STUDENTS: Girl.>>TEACHER: Yes. laughter – Thank you. A picture
of a young girl – I’m going to put it down here – a young girl was taken for a magazine.
Partner As, please raise your hand. Partner As? Okay, very good. Partner Bs, raise your
hand. Okay, very good. So now that you know what partner you are, I want you to tell me
– share some details. What information did we know after her picture was taken or when
her picture was taken? Go ahead and share first, Partner A. Give me just a sec.
>>STUDENT 2: Picture. The picture went popular.>>TEACHER: The picture was very popular. Okay.
So in 1985, a picture of a young girl was taken for a magazine. What else can we say
based on this? What, what else did we know? Why don’t you raise your hand and share what
you shared with your partner? I’m going to listen to your details and see which ones
to put down since I don’t have much space down here.
>>STUDENT 3: About no one knew the girl’s name.
>>TEACHER: No one knew the girl’s name. Yes. That’s true. No one knew her name. Trent,
what do you have?>>TRENT: Years later, people wanted to find
her.>>TEACHER: People wanted to find her years
later. Very good. So let’s write this down. This is in the tiny little box, so I will
box it after. People had no idea – and we underline this word because we want to make
sure that we practice our new vocabulary. Now that we have Event 1, what happens next?
This is what you’re going to talk about with your partner. Then we have some details. What’s
the next thing? What do you think?>>STUDENT 4: Find where she was.
>>TEACHER: Yeah. I agree with you. We want the next major event. Okay, so raise your
hand and share with the class what you think the next major event is. Okay. Go ahead and
share yours.>>STUDENT 5: The people want to know that
he was still alive.>>TEACHER: That she . . .
>>STUDENT 5: She was still alive.>>TEACHER: People wanted to know if she was
still alive. Very good. I heard some great details, but I did hear one, a main event
that would support all of the other comments and details that you said. People wanted to
find her. I think that’s the next – the next major event. Could you read one more time
what you shared please?>>STUDENT 2: A scientist had an idea of studying
her eyes.>>TEACHER: Very good. A scientist . . . What
is the third major event? No, but I want you to share with your partner first, okay? Very
quickly. We’re going to take about two minutes only. Dos minutos solamente – two minutes
only. Finally – what finally happened? So here we – three major events that happened.
There’s a lot of details in between, but these are the three major events, right? A picture
was taken in 1985. They start to look for her; and in 2002, they finally found her.
Very good. Okay. Good job, guys. Please make sure that your name’s on the paper.

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