Complete Machine Learning Course for Beginners || Machine Learning Tutorial for Beginners

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  2. Sir kindly tell me these contents include in Machine Learning Course??

    Module Contents:

    Introduction to Python programming

    • Why to use python

    • Installing python

    • Variables and data types• Operators

    • Type conversion

    • Working with lists

    • List manipulation

    • Working with functions

    • Working with packages

    • Using Numpy package

    • Numpy basic statistics

    • Data visualization using matplotlib

    R programming language

    • Installing R and R Studio

    • Data types, Control Structures, Functions, and List

    • Using the built-in datasets

    • Importing data

    • Creating bar and pie charts for categorical variables

    • Creating histograms and box plots for quantitative variables

    Introduction to Weka toolkit

    • Installing Weka

    • Importing data

    • Visualizing data

    • Exploring data

    Introduction to Neural Designer for Neural Networks

    • Installing ND

    • Loading datasets

    • Using statistical measures to analyze data

    Introduction to KNIME

    • Installing KNIME

    • Understanding the KNIME environment

    • Understanding the data workflow using KNIME

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  4. The example of the movie recommendation was too weak … people not only select movies based on genre/subject .. but quite often based on language and cast … movies have also become more diverse (many different features) with the proliferation of Netflix …

  5. Why am i so disturbed every time i see this part of the video. Sir, this is not a line. Somehow you have managed to draw a not line with a ruler. 05:25

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