Comparing Numbers for Kids – Greater Than Less Than | Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Hi guys, I’m Michael and this is my friend Bali Bali and I’d love to take a walk During our walks a lot of interesting things happen. Maybe today something fun We come up to we need good weather for a walk There are lots of clouds today. They cover the Sun often How many is lots? I don’t know the sky is so huge It’s hard to count them, and how many colorful dots do I have It’s hard to count them too, you jump very quickly Well then let’s count these stones they lie still one two three four Five Wow they are alive It’s turtles They are hungry Let’s pick a flower for each of them Turtles love to eat flowers Hey, tell us how many flowers do we need to treat the Turtles? five Because there are five Turtles one two three Folley saw the problems how many turtles stay on the shore, and how many swim in the water 1 2 3 1 2 3 Turtles lie in the grass and 2 turtles are in the water Which number is larger There are more turtles in the grass, so I think number 3 is larger than number 2 number 2 is not the smallest number one where are There’s one frog and there are two turtles they have more fun than the lonely frog The Frog wasn’t bored for long Now there’s a whole crowd of frogs here right now There are more frogs than turtles in the stream because there are four frogs and only two turtles Number four is larger the number two and What if we compare all the turtles and all the frogs? Who will be more there are more turtles there are five of them, and there are just four frogs? Number five is larger oh It’s evening It’s time to go home tomorrow will bring a new day, and new interesting stories by guys Like Us and subscribe to our channel find links to our apps and comments below

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