Community Mentoring (South Australian Education Department)

Oh yeah, it makes me feel fantastic,
I just really go away on a real high! I love being a mentor, I feel fantastic
and it really energises me. I feel good when they feel good! I feel lit up, what a wonderful day I’ve had. [Singing] I feel good… do do do do do do do [Upbeat happy music] I have two young boys at home and mentoring
Harley teaches me as much as I think I teach him. It really blows me away that he thinks that
it’s such a cool thing to do and the other kids don’t give him any grief so it’s
really, really tremendous. It’s been really good that I’ve been able to
build up her confidence and it’s been excellent for my career as I’m
studying youth work at the moment. We both enjoy learning about different cultures
and languages, we have so much fun together. They learn from me and I learn from them.
Community Mentoring makes me really happy. It’s great to be able to give them a positive image
of people and life. It’s a great experience and anyone can do it. I really wanted to work with young people and the mental health and well-being
of children and youth is so important. I was isolated in my life
so I joined up as a mentor. Now I have somewhere to go and someone to
meet every week She’s a very loyal, very caring young person
and she has a great sense of humour. I think that I’ve had a very privileged life and this is one way that I can contribute
something back. I get a real buzz out of seeing my mentee grow and become more confident.
I think I look forward to our weekly sessions just as much as they do. I’ve been in the corporate world and I’ve
had many careers in my lifetime but I have found doing mentoring has been one of the
most rewarding things I’ve ever done. And I love seeing the difference that you make to these
children. We sit and we laugh and we have fun together. I wanted a volunteer activity that allowed me to be
part of the community so I negotiated flexible times with my boss to allow
me to do this. It’s completely different to my day job and it gives
me a chance to get out of the office. It makes me really happy because we both want to be
there and we’ve become really good friends. I’ve come from wrong side of the tracks and here I am
successfully mentoring. I didn’t think I could do anything like this. There’s so many kids out there who need our help
and you get a real sense of personal satisfaction to know that you have helped those children. That smile on her face when she just first sees you,
it’s just fantastic. You can really see how her confidence has improved over
the times. I really like to be with her and I know that she
likes to be with me. It’s the chance I have to help improve someone’s life. I’m putting something into the community
but I’m getting so much more out of it for myself. We’re all born with natural talent and confidence. Young people are literally buzzing with ideas,
and full of possibility but as we grow up we can easily grow out
of confidence Community Mentoring is all about keeping
young people firing on all cylinders boosting their confidence so they can achieve
their best and that’s where you can help. If you can give one hour a week during
school terms you can make a difference as a community
mentor. Simply share your life experiences, your career knowledge, your expertise or experience in a certain field, or you could share a lifelong passion or
a favourite hobby You can even mentor online from your
office or home with e-mentoring. Any adult can be a mentor and you’ll have an
ongoing support network backing you. You just need to provide referees, complete
the screening program and attend a training workshop. The community mentoring program is run
by DECS, the Department of Education and Children’s Services, and school staff
choose Year 5-7 students who would most benefit from having a mentor. And I can really see the difference in his confidence. There are so many young people out there that need a
warm heart and a smiley face And that’s where I come in! My mentor gives me a lot of confidence. And he teaches me some pretty awesome dance moves. As a mentor, I discovered things I didn’t expect, I found support and respect but, big surprise, I found myself. I get really excited on Wednesday mornings because
I can’t wait to see Paul. And he helps me learn new, but hard, words. So what are you waiting for? Sign up and get ready to feel good!

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