Community-Based Education

USAID works Closely with the Afghan Ministry of Education and UNICEF through the Community Based Education program to increase children’s access to basic education. The Program helps bring educational opportunities to children in remote areas who are unable to access formal education due to distance, insecurity, or geographical constraints. This is one story… By the name of God, I study in an accelerated class. -In our beloved country all kinds of vegetables exists. -Well done! From the beginning it was not customary in our village for girls to go to school. The boys were allowed to study, but not the girls. When we finally convinced our parents to let us go to school, we were told- “We are too old for school.” Then they let us go to the village school because it was closer and in the village. Our education is very good because in one year we advance two grades. Before noon I finish my chores according to a set schedule. In the afternoon I come here to study for 4 hours. At night I do my homework. I study hard, because I want to be first in my class. -This is math isn’t it? This is a two tier addition and they want me to do this addition. I tried my best but I don’t know how to do it? -You can’t subtract 8 from 1, so you borrow 1 from here and add it and it becomes 11. Now, 11 minus 8 equals 3. I take on responsibility of the housework so that she can study. Previously she didn’t know anything. Noting at all! Now she can write her name and read letters. Now I am very happy. -This blue pill, you see grandfather? -Yes! -Is to be taken before meal, 3 times a day. See, they have drawn lines, 1, 2, and 3 I hope all my sisters and classmates study hard, in hope that in the future girls – like boys – become engineers, doctors, and teachers. There shouldn’t be any difference between boys and girls! USAID remains committed to supporting the Afghan government in addressing the needs of Afghan citizens.

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