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  1. You have to scratch your head at so many TESOL conferences presentations following this same framework in which communicative something or other is the topic of the presentation and the presentation is delivered in a largely non-communicative way. It's the transmission style of CPD that has no place in our field anymore but shows no signs of fading anytime soon: "Direct teaching or training, the traditional perception of CPD, is often perceived as a top- down delivery model of CPD, where information on methods is passed on to teachers for them to implement. Such lecture-style teaching has proved unpopular with teachers, who tend to prefer more active and practical styles of learning (Edmonds and Lee, 2002). Dadds (1997) described how such top-down delivery could reinforce the idea of the teacher as a technician, uncritically implementing externally imposed policies. Dadds rejected the idea of a “guru culture”, with teachers being told how to teach by the experts, and instead suggests that teachers see themselves as a resource, and use their own experience and background to develop their own critical and reflective practice over the course of their professional lives. An awareness of less formal and traditional forms of CPD is slowly growing, with calls for teachers to become more creative in their approaches to their own professional development, and move away from more traditional transmission-based methods (Muijs et al, 2004)." (http://www.fm-kp.si/zalozba/ISBN/978-961-6573-65-8/219-240.pdf)

  2. Learning the grammar of a language in a scientific manner is a theoretical exercise which gives the learner a lot of intellectual satisfaction because grammar borders on philosophy.

  3. I can understand the whole video but,my problem is when it comes to speaking to somebody,I cant express myself enough. How can i past this case and communicate just like these people.Would you help me in this matter,please?

  4. does communicative grammar serve the same purposes as functional grammar? is it related to communicative approach?

  5. I've been an English tutor to non-native students in China and then Vietnam, mainly focusing on academic field from G6 to G12 which means I have taught from language arts to IB English language and literature. In Asia, there are-mostly-two types of international schools: British and American. British schools have their own teaching system such as SPAG, IGCSE and IB. However, the American ones unfortunately don't seem to have a firm, expectable and comprehensible teaching system; they depend on too much on the capability of the teacher! Non native speakers have few idea about (perfect) (academic) English. So, when the English teacher doesn't value grammar, the students ignore grammar. However, when they get G10 or G11, they are stunned and devastated by the sudden grammar check! As an English tutor and the one who holds MA in ELT, the frequent situation upsets me.

  6. What does she say at 1:09:05.. something like "All first gears should be practiced in the grammar class" ?

  7. I am from Mongolia, now I am at Bangalore University MA in English . My face is: Boris alexsandr

  8. My first writing task of my master of TESOL was to tell what I wanted to learn or improve from the study, I wrote I wanted to learn class activities. I imagined there would be a compendium at the end of the semester. no, of course. But it is even better, now I know the rationales of these activities which is like knowing how to catch the fish.

  9. not that she is bad, she is even good in talking but—-can u imagine what is clear pronunciation for foreigners?

  10. I recommend: engaging speaking lessons for pre-intermediate to upper-intermediate students. Student-centered, in-depth discussions for teenage and adult learners. Ready materials for a good covversation class that you can customize for your needs.

  11. its very interesting learning and i really comment on it ! keep on teaching and every one will fit on it and thanks.

  12. Excuse me I would like to heard what is your opinion, or advice for me, I have been studied English for last three years, I have no problem, when I listening to you or any other teacher I can understanding perfectly, but when I heard some othe rnes o

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